Campus Technology White Papers.

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GovConnection Infographic

Creating a 21st Century Learning Environment Infographic


Cloud computing and wireless broadband are among the top IT priorities for K-12 and higher ed. See what else is on the IT horizon this year.

Overcoming the Security Challenges of the Cloud

Overcoming the Security Challenges of the Cloud


Best practices for keeping your data and organization safe.

2013 Outlook on Technology

2013 Outlook on Technology: BYOD Survey Results


A growing number of campuses are looking to deploy a BYOD initiative. But where do you start? Begin your BYOD journey by learning how other organizations are managing this effort.

GovConnection Data Center Case Study

Taking the Next Step Towards Virtualization


Best practices for managing growth with unified computing.

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It's Time to Refresh Your Data Center


Take a close look at how Cisco® Unified Computing System (UCS®) with intelligent Intel® Xeon® processors is revolutionizing the way organizations store and access information. Through this White Paper, We’ll also examine how improvements in processor technology have affected the data center, how Cisco outperforms the competition, and how you can avoid the pitfalls sometimes uncovered in an upgrade.

Ultimate Tech Challenge: OS Migration


Gain insights from Donald Rowland, an "in the trenches" IT professional, as he shares his real-world solution for challenges he faced with Windows OS migration.

5 PC Hardware Innovations that Pay Off for Business


Learn the top 5 reasons why technology refresh should be part of your IT plans this year.Just because hardware works doesn’t mean it’s providing the most benefit to the business. Today, innovative new technology is changing the upgrade value proposition. These new technologies—some not widely available even five years ago—provide compelling reasons to consider an upgrade of client laptops and desktops even if legacy systems are still chugging along (with “chugging” being the operative word).

Dimension Helps Bishop Reding Students Become Inventors


With the Dimension 3D printer, Bishop Reding students design their parts in a virtual 3D environment (with industry-standard software such as ArtCam) to exact specifications, print the prototype, and if necessary, re-engineer the design, re-print and continue robot construction with very little down time.