Campus Technology White Papers.

Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

Tablet, Laptop or Desktop? Form (Factor) Follows Function


Enterprises face more computing options than ever. This step-by-step guide explains how to choose whether a desktop, laptop, Ultrabook, tablet, convertible or all-in-one is the best choice for a particular employee.

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Tech Spotlight | Trends in Higher Ed Research Computing


Download this comprehensive eBook—made up of a collection of Campus Technology editorial along with additional resources from Brocade—for further insight on Software-Defined Networking and Science DMZs.

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Tech Spotlight | Voice Transformation: The Evolution of Voice Communications


Download this custom eBook for a collection of articles—featuring Georgia Tech and Graceland University— discussing how they improved their communication and collaboration on campus by updating their phone system and utilizing a VoIP solution.

Dimension Helps Bishop Reding Students Become Inventors


With the Dimension 3D printer, Bishop Reding students design their parts in a virtual 3D environment (with industry-standard software such as ArtCam) to exact specifications, print the prototype, and if necessary, re-engineer the design, re-print and continue robot construction with very little down time.

Academic Analytics: Business Intelligence for Higher Education


Learn how colleges and universities are adopting analytics to recruit and retain students, as well as improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Future-proof Your Mobility Strategy with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management


This paper identifies best practices that can help your organization devise a flexible and scalable approach to address a large number of variables and accommodate change while maintaining security and controlling administrative complexity. It then explores the Dell Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution and highlights how this solution can play a key role in helping meet current needs while enabling you to prepare for the future.

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Transforming Higher Education With Mobility Solutions


Over the past decade, technology has radically transformed the higher education experience. Learning has moved out of the classroom, and students expect to be able to pursue their education from any location at any time. This paper presents guidelines for colleges and universities considering bring-your-own-device (BYOD) support models and presents guidelines for implementing mobility programs to modernize your IT strategy and improve the working and learning environment for students, faculty and staff.

Accelerate Migration

Accelerate Your Windows OS Migration: How will the end of Windows XP support impact your organization?


This datasheet will help you understand details about the Windows Migration Fast Forward Service offered by Dell to help you jump-start a new migration or fast-forward one already in progress. Learn how to avoid the complications that can lead to reduced productivity during the switch to modern Windows.