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Unleash the Power of Video on Your Campus

As a powerful and concise medium, video is radically changing how we teach, learn and preserve academic information. Successful institutions, large and small, have discovered this and rely on a video management platform to support their academic missions, broaden reach, cater to individual student needs and maintain an attractive campus environment that keeps the university’s competitive edge.

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Transforming Web Technology Across Arizona State University’s Campuses

Imagine spinning up a new Drupal site in less than 10 minutes…without any configuration or servers required. Today, at Arizona State University (ASU) web developers are doing just that. Download this Industry Perspective to learn how thanks to the collaborative efforts of ASU’s University Technology Office (UTO), website management platform Pantheon, and web design and development agency Kalamuna; they are creating great websites rather than worrying about the complexity of web servers or infrastructure.

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Complexity and Depth in LMS Course Design: The Big Picture

Course design is like rock-paper-scissors. Statistically, you’re bound to pick some winners at random. But if you know what you’re up against from the start, you’ll have “hand” when it comes to improving outcomes. That’s why Canvas’ Research and Education team recently sifted through a giant vat of Canvas data. They were looking for meaningful comparisons about higher ed course design, user interactions, and learning outcomes.

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Creating the 21st Century Platform for Scientific Research & Higher Learning

Higher education institutions are often at the forefront of the most impactful scientific and engineering research initiatives worldwide. Advanced technology, especially for networking and computing, makes these initiatives possible. Yet for many universities, technology investments haven’t kept pace with new challenges in research or new opportunities for the academic mission.

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Unlocking the Power of Assessments

The right assessment tool can transform how faculty view and use assessments-with immediate impact on student success. With the increasing pressure from accreditors and the public to validate the educational experience, the mounting financial stresses, rising tuition costs and increased competition, the pressure to find new ways to measure, monitor and report on the intrinsic value of college education has never been greater. Download this Industry Perspective to explore how assessment software can become a tool to allow faculty to improve exams, courses, curricula, engagement and pedagogy.

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Using DaaS to Create the Ideal Desktop User Experience - Without a PC

With the ubiquity of end-user computing long established, organizations now are grappling with a tough dilemma: Users want enterprise-class performance and availability, but they demand the flexibility to use familiar devices and applications—anywhere, and at any time. Desktops as a service (DaaS) can be a great way to give users what they want and deliver a superior user experience, leading to greater productivity.

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Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS): A Perfect Fit for Higher Education

Desktop virtualization has stepped in to radically simplify IT, moving the heavy lifting of end-user computing and desktop support to the datacenter. Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) takes virtualization a step further, moving the virtual desktop infrastructure and services to the cloud. Download this exclusive Industry Perspective to learn how higher education is using Desktop Virtualization to address today's biggest end-user computing challenges.

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The Smart Disaster Recovery Strategy for Your Workforce: Cloud-Hosted Desktops

Most organizations believe that in the unlikely event of a natural or manmade disaster, their disaster recovery(DR) plan will keep them up and running. But the reality is, these events happen more often than you realize. Plus, only about 60 percent of businesses have documented DR plans1, and most of those plans aren’t up to snuff. They typically cover servers and networks, but don’t address the desktops that workers rely on to do their jobs. Historically, desktop DR has been too expensive. But if your desktops go down, your employees could be out of work for days and the effect on your business could be devastating. To combat this, more organizations are turning to cloud-hosted desktop DR—an affordable, easy way to ensure workforce continuity,whenever or wherever disaster strikes.