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Higher education white papers and case studies from our sponsors. Click a title to read more or download.

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Connecting Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards significantly enhance the learning process through more advanced interaction and collaboration. Download this White Paper to learn about the technology almost 1/4 of teachers have already incorporated into their classroom.

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Case Study: Seton Hall University

Seton Hall University, a private school located in South Orange, N.J. pioneered a mobile computing program in order to build a technologically advanced environment for learning and to increase graduates' competitiveness in the workforce. When students wanted the mobility and efficiency of a tablet, yet the Windows environment provided by their laptops, administration felt helpless. Read this White Paper to understand how Seton Hall University found not only a solution to their problem, but was also able to enhance the student experience.

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A Notebook for Every Student

The Hershey Public School District launched a forward-thinking and often times, overwhelming initiative; to provide all of their high school students and faculty with notebook computers. Read this case study to learn how one innovative school district was able to strengthen student performance and student/parent relationships through their 1:1 Learning Initiative.

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Education Solutions Guide: Improving Outcomes one Student at a Time

HP solutions for education provide total access to content,curricula and peers, while enabling true learning to create meaningful outcomes.

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Turning Students into Inquisitive Creators

Download this whitepaper to learn how 3D printing transforms real-world design and production challenges into learning.

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Does Your Campus Mobile Security Make the Grade?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)is no longer a phenomenon unique to the business world – nor is the corresponding need for a comprehensive Mobile Device Management(MDM) solution. Download this White Paper to learn how schools are addressing the new IT security and management headaches that administrators need to address from the widespread use of mobile devices that access school networks.

The University of Miami Prevents Data Loss with a Robust Data Protection Solution

In transitioning to a VMware®-centric environment, the University of Miami needed a single, scalable solution for protecting 213TB of sensitive data, including important medical research data, across an ever-growing number of VMware guests. This whitepaper examines how the university completed a zero-loss transition.

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Transaction Plan: Consolidating Payment Systems for Improved Efficiency, Security and Usability

In this special report, sponsored by higher education software and service provider, Ellucian, Campus Technology outlines the challenges colleges and universities face with payment systems and introduces Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet, a new payment system designed specifically for higher education institutions that integrates Ellucian’s suite of enterprise resource planning products with a payment system from TouchNet Information Systems.