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Roger Williams University Delivers 3D Virtualization to Students

The rapid evolution of technology is changing the way we learn, work and educate. Students want the freedom to learn and study using the latest software or applications on any device, in the location where they feel most productive and inspired. Roger Williams University (RWU) is a leading independent university based in Rhode Island, with 4,300 undergraduate students and 900 graduate students. RWU’s renowned architecture program strives to deliver a rigorous technical and design curricula with a well-rounded liberal arts foundation. As a result, they must effectively provide access to the graphics-rich applications that students need.

Data Replication and Integration: Improving Reliability and Reducing Risk and Complexity

Accountability is a top-of-mind concern for every higher education administrator, whether it’s improving student performance, complying with government mandates, or facilitating collaboration with other institutions and the private sector. Join this webcast to discover how campuses are identifying and integrating the solutions to integrate information across disparate systems and provide reliable, fresh data.

Say Yes to Innovation: Next Generation IT Infrastructures

Mobility. Big Data. BYOD. Cloud. You need an infrastructure that's agile, efficient, and cost-effective. Please view this on-demand webcast that introduces ways to modernize and standardize your IT infrastructure to stretch budgets and gain more flexibility.

Partnering With Institutional Leadership to Improve Student Learning Outcomes

Join this webcast to hear two higher ed IT leaders share strategies they employed to select and implement an assessment management system, integrate it with existing IT architecture, and foster community engagement and collaboration throughout the process.

Course Quality and Moodle: Exploring Best Practices

Anyone can download the Moodle LMS and use it on their own. But how do you ensure the quality of content, courses, and instructional design? What about all of the components that make Moodle an effective teaching and learning tool, such as hosting, training and support? Join Moodlerooms and the Adler School of Professional Psychology for a discussion about implementing course quality standards campus-wide and utilizing best practices for maintaining a Moodle installation for the long term.

How Small Colleges Drive and Manage Rapid Growth
Hear How Valley College Grew 100 Percent in One Year

Get keys for boosting enrollment at your institution. Join us February 27 to hear Valley College’s Corporate Director of Operations Matt Jenkins and Campus Management’s Raymond Todd Blackwood share how the right student information system can help small colleges.

Backpack Journalism - Preparing Your Students to Tell Their Stories - Solo

Is your school keeping up with technology trends? Will your broadcast/journalism and communication students graduate with the technical and creative skills they need to succeed in this fast evolving market? More and more recent graduates are getting jobs as backpack journalists. It’s a sign of the new reality in television newsrooms. Join us to for an educational webcast to examine this new reality in journalism.

Transforming Your Campus through Mobile Device Management

The usage of student-owned and school-supplied mobile devices on campus is becoming overwhelming for I.T. to manage. Security, control and privacy are being compromised every day. This webcast on Mobile Device Management (MDM) will speak on best practices to help you stay ahead of these issues.