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Western Kentucky Improves Service Management to Exceed Evolving Expectations

In this webcast, we’ll learn how Western Kentucky University has evolved to improve client satisfaction and outcomes through streamlined service management (ITSM) & PPM processes and tools. Exceeding evolving expectations required overcoming significant challenges including process driven silos, inefficiencies and the lack of scalable and centralized tools. WKU team members will discuss how they leveraged process improvement, greater client engagement and improved tools to realize their goals.

Integrating PPM & Service Management: JCCC’s Customer-Centric Approach

Johnson County Community College (JCCC) relies on IT as a strategic partner to continually streamline business processes. This webinar will profile JCCC’s transition to integrated PPM and service management and related trends in the Higher Education industry.

Where is the Cloud Taking Data Centers?

The campus data center is running out of room. New storage demands created by virtualization, content preservation, and social media have a number of campus IT organizations looking to move their legacy data centers to the cloud. In this webcast, two higher education experts will detail how campuses can leverage cloud-based storage solutions to corral costs and better manage the data tsunami.

Backpack Journalism - Preparing Your Students to Tell Their Stories - Solo

Is your school keeping up with technology trends? Will your broadcast/journalism and communication students graduate with the technical and creative skills they need to succeed in this fast evolving market? More and more recent graduates are getting jobs as backpack journalists. It’s a sign of the new reality in television newsrooms. Join us to for an educational webcast to examine this new reality in journalism.

Transforming Your Campus through Mobile Device Management

The usage of student-owned and school-supplied mobile devices on campus is becoming overwhelming for I.T. to manage. Security, control and privacy are being compromised every day. This webcast on Mobile Device Management (MDM) will speak on best practices to help you stay ahead of these issues.

MOOCs: Designing, Developing and Delivering Them on Your Campus

Interested in learning more about MOOCs? Curious about how it might positively impact you and your institution? In this webcast, UC Irvine’s Associate Dean of Distance Learning Melissa Loble will be focusing on her experiences in designing, developing and delivering MOOCs on campus. Over the past year, faculty and instructors from UC Irvine have taught 13 MOOCs, including the most recent course “Science, Society, Survival: Lesson’s from AMC’s The Walking Dead” focused on academic topics exemplified through the popular television show.

Portland State Demonstrates the Value of IT with Project and Portfolio Reporting

Portland State University’s (PSU) IT department found that many non-IT executives didn’t fully understand IT’s value, constraints, priorities or scope of current activities. This made it more difficult than necessary to negotiate schedules, discuss budgets and manage capacity. Learn how Portland State’s IT leadership designed, built and leveraged project & portfolio management reporting.

On Demand Webinar Series Part 1: Database Security for Higher Education Institutions

This informative webinar series hosted by DLT Solutions focuses on identifying primary threats, security breaches, and other database security challenges higher institutions face. See how Oracle’s Audit Vault, Advanced Security, and Database Firewall can provide higher education institutions with advanced database security solutions that comply with privacy and regulatory mandates. Register to access the three-part on demand series now.