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Using Projectors for Advanced Visual Applications on Campus

Join Colorado State University’s David Ramsay and MIT’s Shayegan Omidshafiei to learn more about using projectors for advanced visual applications.

Removing the Roadblocks to a Digital Campus

Higher education must adopt new technologies to increase access and reduce costs for course materials, yet structural and behavioral roadblocks prevent progress. This webcast will present technological, logistical and change management strategies to facilitate digital implementations.

Creating the Next-Gen Designers/Manufacturers Via 3D Printing

View this webcast to learn how Virginia Tech uses 3D Printing to advance the breadth of student knowledge and rethink product design and manufacturing.

Learn How Mobility Initiatives Can Drive Student Engagement, Learning, and Retention

Colleges are seeking to personalize the learning experience, increase engagement and improve student success outcomes. Mobility initiatives, played well, can address all three goals. Learn how Southern Illinois University is increasing student retention and engaging faculty through its mobility initiative.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Desktop as a Service (DAAS) for Virtualizing Campus Desktops

Join VMware for this live webcast to see how moving virtual desktops and applications to a cloud-hosted service model is helping educational institutions realize all the promised benefits of desktop virtualization. Learn how moving to a virtual model will significantly reduce the cost and complexity of desktop computing, compared to an internally deployed and managed data center.

Security Rivals? The Value of Measuring & Comparing Network Security Performance in Education

How does network security performance vary across education and why does it matter? In this webcast—presented by Stephen Boyer, CTO of BitSight Technologies and Rebecca Sandlin, CIO of Roanoke College—you will learn how security performance is being measured today and why benchmarking has become a valuable tool for security teams to gain insight about strategy, performance and more. Featuring a case study of BitSight Security Ratings by Roanoke College.

Display Solutions in Education

Learning environments in the digital age are higher touch and higher feel than at any time before. Printed posters on the wall have been replaced by digital signage and pull-down projector screens in auditoriums. Classrooms have given way to high-definition touch displays and video walls.

That’s the Ticket! Lessons Learned Implementing a Higher Ed Ticketing System

Ever wonder how the IT departments of other colleges or universities implement, develop and manage their ticketing systems? Get an intimate view into Manhattan College’s IT department with presenter Richard Musal, Senior Assistant Director of Client Services and Operations, to hear their story.