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Welcome to Campus Technology’s  Security & Privacy Solution Center. Here you will find the latest news, case studies, research, features, and more, related to  security & privacy in higher education.
  • C-Level View | Feature

    Not Your Mother's Portal — A New Architecture to Access Campus Info

    The traditional campus portal has long served us well to navigate and link to what we need. But today's students have grown up in a culture of mobile devices, finding what they need with simpler search protocols, usually with just one click. So is it time to dump the portal and invest in more up-to-date technology? Read More

  • Strategic Directions | Feature

    Moving Campus Services From the Portal to the Cloud

    How many times have you heard "Our students are used to Google and Amazon… How could we ever match that here on campus?" Maybe now you can. Through a partnership with Indiana University, rSmart is offering OneCampus, a cloud-based service that gives institutions an easy way to transform older, portal-based systems into updated, cloud-based campus services that rival any online shopping experience. Read More