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OpenStax Releases Free, Interactive Computer Science Textbook

OpenStax, the Rice University-based provider of free, peer-reviewed, openly licensed course materials, has expanded its content library with a new computer science textbook: Introduction to Python Programming.

Now available from OpenStax, the world's leading provider of free, peer-reviewed, openly licensed content based at Rice University, is "Introduction to Python Programming."

Designed for "anyone interested in learning, upskilling, reskilling or honing their existing programming skills," the book covers foundational Python programming concepts suitable for learners "pursuing computer science, business, science, social science, statistics, data science and related areas of study and employment," OpenStax said in a news announcement. Content includes embedded tutorial videos, interactive programming activities, and a "code runner" that allows students to apply and reinforce what they've learned in real time. " Each section of content within the textbook is designed to foster active learning and student engagement," the organization said.

"With built-in animated videos illustrating a step-by-step approach to Python code and an interactive code runner for practice, we were able to condense the amount of written material in the book to what is most meaningful," said Udayan Das, professor at St. Mary's College of California and contributing author of the textbook, in a statement. "Other Python programming textbooks available in the market are quite dense, but this book is not only free, it actually shows students how fundamental programming concepts are created, used, assigned, executed and applied."

Introduction to Python Programming is openly available on the OpenStax site.

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Rhea Kelly is editor in chief for Campus Technology, THE Journal, and Spaces4Learning. She can be reached at [email protected].

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