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Artificial Intelligence

Udacity Unveils 'Discovering Ethical AI' Course

Online education company Udacity has announced a new course, "Discovering Ethical AI" in response to recent federal guidelines for guardrails for the safe and ethical use of artificial intelligence, according to a company blog post.

The course, along with three others, will be available free until May 11 and will be continually upgraded as new information emerges in this rapidly evolving field, the company said.

The course will be taught by Ria Cheruvu, AI software architect at Intel. Course focus is on reasons, principles, and guidelines/regulations for incorporating ethics into developing AI models. More specifically, the course will:

  • Define ethical AI and outline its principles;
  • Identify AI ethics stakeholders;
  • Apply ethics to AI lifecycles;
  • Identify the steps of an AI lifecycle;
  • Look at case studies; and
  • Examine ethical AI challenges, from harmful chatbot content to biased imagery.

"Discovering Ethical AI" is a one-hour online course. Three other related one-hour AI "discovery" courses are also being offered free until May 11: "Discovering Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning," "Discovering Data Science," and "Discovering Digital Transformation."

Longer, more advanced AI courses are also being offered under Udacity's subscription plan. Under the plan, students can pay per month, per four months, or annually, and have access to any and all course content in multiple programs. Scholarships are also available. Visit the subscription page to learn more, and the support page for more general information.

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Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.

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