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Campus Technology September 2014

Campus Technology Magazine — September 2014

7 Lessons From a Systemwide iPad Program

Globe Education Network's colleges, universities and training centers have integrated iPads into every academic program. Here's what they learned along the way.

Why Your University Needs More Student IT Workers
Southern Illinois U's CIO believes the benefits of student labor outweigh the risks.
Getting Ahead of the Non-Traditional Tech Curve
How can IT position itself to support the Internet of Things, 3D printing, wearables and the like?
Keeping Students on Track With a Mobile "Nudge"
One university aims to improve retention with daily support messages sent to students' mobile devices.
Rethinking the Campus Web Portal
Wayne State U is rolling out a homegrown portal focused on real-time, two-way communication.
Leading Change in Higher Ed IT
Campus Technology 2014 hosted a dialogue on data, change, MOOCs, innovation and more.
Reinventing Decision-Making With Data for All
Looking to better serve its 115,000-plus student population, the City Colleges of Chicago system built a "data democracy," empowering all faculty and staff with a flexible reporting and analytics system.
Grassroots IT Leadership
A community-led group is helping NYU's highly distributed IT organizations collaborate better, build relationships, share information and impact IT strategy across the university.
Open Source Planning and Advising Tool Supports Student Success
To keep students' academic plans on track, the University of Washington developed open source software that integrates previously siloed administrative functions such as degree audit and articulation, student lifecycle and recruitment, registration and advising.
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September 2014 | vol. 28 no. 1