AV & Presentation

Interactive Whiteboard Makers Set Out To Prove Interoperability

A new effort is underway to create a set of conformance tests that would assure instructors that they could use and share materials created for interactive whiteboards from competing vendors.

Next-Gen Classrooms: Aces of Space

Four schools use cutting-edge design principles and technology to create next-gen learning spaces, with a focus on collaboration and student engagement.

InfoComm Floor Shopper

This month in Orlando, FL, the A/V industry's largest trade show showcases everything from projectors and displays to digital signage and video streaming. Here are 20 must-see products.

Gefen Releases AV Switcher With Amplification and Scaling

Gefen has unveiled a new switcher that scales and amplifies AV signals received through HDMI, DVI/DVI-D/DVI-I, analog RGB/component (mini D-sub 15-pin), composite video, or stereo RCA jack inputs.

Christie Rolls Out Bulbless Projector

Christie has developed a bulbless 3D ready DLP projector that offers 60,000 hours of operation without the need for maintenance.

New Crestron HDMI Extenders Transmit HD Video More Than 300 Feet

Crestron has launched two extenders that transmit HD video signals to distances of up to 330 feet without compressing the signal.

Crestron Ships Fiber Receiver

Crestron has rolled out a fiber receiver that accepts high definition AV signals, sent from distances of up to 1,000 feet, and distributes them to projectors or monitors through the HDMI standard.

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Taking Next-Gen Classrooms Beyond the Pilot

The University of Minnesota has ramped up a new concept in technology-enabled classroom design. The result: Students in the new classrooms are outperforming their peers in traditional spaces.

Epson Unveils Control Hub For Classroom Presentations

Epson has introduced a wall mounted control box that offers input selection, audio manipulation, and iPod connectivity for classroom AV systems. The new control box, PowerLite Pilot, is compatible with the BrightLink 455Wi Interactive Projector, the PowerLite 410W Multimedia Projector, the PowerLite 460W Multimedia Projector, and the PowerLite 450W Multimedia Projector. 

Gefen Rolls Out HDMI Scaler

Gefen has released an AV scaler that preserves high resolutions on multiple display systems with varying maximum resolutions by downscaling input signals sent to the HD monitor with the lowest native resolution.