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Managing Talent: HCM and Higher Education

Human capital management has been slow to catch on at academic universities. But the economic downturn and the need to keep high-performing employees may be changing all that.

Student Retention and the Data Dilemma

Single-source vendor relationships can hamper an institution's ability to collect the kind of business intelligence it needs to track student retention. But it's not always possible to go the third-party route.

Cleveland State Tightens Staff Management with Self-Service App

Cleveland State University has completed implementation of a workforce management system to replace it's old paper-based processes, with the aim of controlling labor costs, minimizing compliance risk, and automating and streamlining timekeeping operations.

Higher Ed Leads Line Up with Prioritization Engine

A company that sells applications for managing leads and prospects has developed a new program that helps users to prioritize their leads.

Clarendon College Replaces Legacy ERP System

Clarendon College, with three campuses in Texas, recently adopted a new enterprise resource planning system from Three Rivers Systems. In August 2010 the community college implemented CAMS Enterprise for academic management activities to replace legacy software.

Portals: How To Give Prospective Students What They Want

College recruits expect a lot from their prospective schools' Web sites, but there are two critical pieces of information they demand from a campus portal--information that should be fairly simple to provide. Is yours delivering what your prospective students want? If not, you may be driving them away.

UC Santa Cruz and UC Merced To Manage Rec Facilities with Active Network Apps

Two University of California schools, one in Santa Cruz and the other in Merced, will be implementing products from Active Network for managing the processes in their recreational programs.

Career College Looks To Sharpen Student Lifecycle Management

Bryan College, a career college in Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas, will be implementing a student lifecycle management application at its three campuses, one that's being delivered as an online service.

Datatel Teams with HR Service Company To Simplify Applicant Tracking

Datatel will soon be offering integrated functionality for its higher ed human resources application to provide applicant tracking management.

Adult Ed Institution Adopts Student Lifecycle Management

In an effort to boost its online services, Contractors State License Services (CSLS), a California firm specializing in adult education for prospective contractors as well as construction professionals, has launched a new portal and information tracking system for improving student management.