High-Performance Computing

Hokkaido U Builds Academic Cloud with Open Source Tech

A university in Japan has implemented a supercomputer system that powers a new research cloud.

Platform Computing Pursues Simpler Cluster Management

Platform Computing is looking to make the use of HPC more accessible with the release of a new version of its management software.

New U Illinois Institute Pushes Parallel Computing Research into Double Time

A new institute within the University of Illinois' Coordinated Science Laboratory will focus on research and development in the area of parallel computing, providing access to resources and infrastructure, teaching students, going after grants, and facilitating partnerships among academia and industry.

IBM Revs Power7 Systems

IBM has introduced new servers based on its Power7 chip. This microprocessor, which first surfaced in 2010, is used in the company's Power 750 series of servers--the same technology used in Watson, the IBM computer that publicly trounced Jeopardy game champions in February 2011.

Stanford Folding@home Prof Builds New Cluster

One of Stanford University's researchers involved in the Folding@home research project will be getting some new computing power.

Scaling Up the Virtual Computing Lab

Universities are working together and sharing resources to create virtual labs with more powerful computing capabilities--and to save much-needed cash.

IBM Launches 'Big Data' Bootcamps in Universities

Now that Watson has had its latest resurgence of fame and appeared as a top trending topic on both Google and Twitter, IBM is about to show college students how to use the underlying technologies of the supercomputer.

Supercomputer Center Installs Flash-Powered Cluster

The San Diego Supercomputer Center at the UC San Diego has installed a 10,368-core AMD-based cluster that uses flash storage in place of traditional disk drives. Named Trestles, the new system is expected to serve members of TeraGrid, a distributed "cyberinfrastructure" for open scientific research, through 2013.

University Advances Astronomy Research with 2,300-Core HPC System

A Brazilian university is accelerating astronomy research with the help of a 2,304-core system built around AMD Opteron 6172 processors and with 4.6 TB of main memory.

Dell Intros Hyperscale-Inspired Server for High-Performance Computing

Designed to accelerate virtualization and cloud-computing deployments, Dell's new PowerEdge C6145 boasts two four-socket AMD Opteron 6100-series processor-based servers in a 2U form factor, with 10 PCIe card slots.