3M Debuts Mpro150 Pico Projector

3M has introduced its new Mpro150, a pico projector that the company said combines the advantages of a pico projector coupled with several presentation tools not usually found in devices in the pico category.

InFocus Adds 5 Projectors to Entry-Level Lines

InFocus has announced that it will add five new DLP-based projectors to its entry-level lineups. These projectors, part of the IN2100 and IN3100 series, are designed for higher brightness than most entry-level projectors, with 3,000 to 3,500 lumens, and are designed for projecting images in classrooms with a variety of lighting conditions.

Samsung LED-Based Data Projector To Deliver 1,000 Lumens

Samsung announced recently that it's developed a new LED-based data projector that will deliver a brightness of 1,000 ANSI lumens.

Savannah College Pumps Up Network Capacity

Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia has begun using new IP gear from Brocade to expand its digital bandwidth to serve a global student population.

Panasonic Unveils World's Largest HD 3D Plasma Display

Panasonic announced recently that it's developed the world's largest 3D-capable, high-definition plasma television. Panasonic said this 152-inch model has an entirely new plasma display panel using the company's quadruple luminous efficiency technology, which takes advantage of self-illumination technology, delivering, according to Panasonic, a more immersive experience.

Sony Rolls Out 720p HD Videoconferencing System for Education

Sony has announced the PCS-XG55, a new HD videoconferencing system designed for a wide range of applications, including education. The new high-definition system delivers up to 720p resolution and 60 frames per second.

The Imagined Space of The Web 2.0 Classroom

Web 2.0 and new media have influenced the design of physical classroom spaces, just as they have offered new virtual spaces for interaction.

Epson Boosts Brightness on Large-Venue Projector

Epson has introduced the PowerLite Pro Z8050WNL, the company’s brightest large-venue projector to date. The new model is specified at 7,000 lumens, with native WXGA (1,280 x 800) resolution and 5,000:1 contrast ratio.

ASI Offers Pre-Packaged Digital Signage System

ASI has introduced the Helix, a digital signage solution designed to provide all components in a pre-packaged system. The company said Helix streamlines the complexities normally associated with digital signage.

Casio Demos 'Green Slim' Projectors

Casio has introduced a line of small, portable projectors called Green Slim, which the company said are the world’s first mercury-free bright projectors.