Santa Clara U Adds Major Solar to Rooftops in Zero-Capital Outlay Deal

Santa Clara University has just gone live with a new 967.68 kilowatt solar energy system financed through Perpetual Energy Systems. Perpetual, a division of Alliant, funds renewable energy projects. The system, which is the second one added to the university's solar array, is expected to generate an estimated 1.42 million kW hours of energy in its first full year of operation.

Campus Spotlight: Rebuilding IT from the Ground Up

What do you do with an aging IT infrastructure that's preventing your school from accomplishing its technology goals? If you're American International College's CIO, you tear down the whole thing and start from scratch.

Purdue U To Deploy 4G as Part of Wireless Rollout

Purdue University will be one of the early recipients of Verizon Wireless' rollout of a 4G network starting this year.

Yale Sets Sustainability Mission for Next 3 Years

Yale is going "all in" with a set of sustainability goals that reach into all operational aspects of the New Haven, CT university. President Richard Levin has formally accepted the recommendations of the "Sustainability Strategic Plan 2010-2013" set forth by Yale's Sustainability Task Force.

Law School Goes Without Controller in New Wireless Network

A public university with nearly 315,000 students has implemented a new wireless infrastructure in its law school.

UC San Diego Energy Dashboard Broadcasts Energy Usage

The University of California, San Diego is enjoying dramatic payoffs from energy saving improvements completed on campus about five years ago, and one way it's doing that is by making facility energy usage data available online.

Georgia State Cranks Up Network with 10 GbE Upgrade

Georgia State University in Atlanta, which expected 31,000 students on campus this fall, will be upgrading its switches to 10 gigabit Ethernet.

2 Universities Deploy High-Density Rack Servers for Research Computing

Two American universities have installed Dell servers to do research requiring high performance computing (HPC). Both will be using the Dell PowerEdge C6100, high-density rack server with low energy requirements.

Purdue Develops Technique to Keep Computers Running in Overheated Data Center

Purdue University has successfully tested out a technique for controlling operations of its computing clusters in overheating conditions by slowing down the performance of its nodes.

MIT Adds Intelligence to Ventilation Systems

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is trying out an "intelligent" ventilation system as part of a program to reduce electricity usage by 15 percent over the next three years.