MOOCs, Blended Learning, Online Learning & Flipped Classrooms

How to Earn a Graduate Degree on a Smartphone

With the help of a smartphone or tablet, graduate engineering students at USC can access live streaming lectures, and interact with their lecturer and fellow students.

Khan Academy Gains J. Paul Getty Museum Education Resources

Through a partnership with Khan Academy, the J. Paul Getty Museum is expanding its open educational content program.

Report: Teacher Candidates Need Better Prep for Online, Blended Learning

The International Association for K-12 Online Learning has released a new report examining collaborations between educator preparation programs and online schools, Partnering for Success: A 21st Century Model for Teacher Preparation.

Semester Online Goes International in For-Credit Course Program

A company that works with colleges and universities to place their courses online and grant credit to students from other institutions has added its first international offerings.

A MOOC Platform Based on Engagement

Eschewing the talking-head approach of mainstream MOOCs, NovoEd stakes its claim on MOOCs that emphasize student-centered learning and collaboration.

Report: Public Institutions Lead Private in Adoption of Online Courses

Nearly half of all state colleges in the United States offer at least five undergraduate degrees online, but only 15 percent of private colleges do the same, according to two new surveys from Learning House.

University of Oklahoma Launches Online Learning Platform

The University of Oklahoma has launched its own online interactive learning community called Janux.

Western Nevada College Supports Distance Learners with Webcasts

Western Nevada College has implemented a video content management and webcasting system to serve its 4,800 students, approximately half of whom take courses entirely online.

The Online State

Florida: The Online State

Florida is leading the nation with its online education initiatives. A new online-only public university program now promises to shake up higher education beyond the state's borders.

Faculty Coalition: Online Courses Leading to 'Sub-Prime' Education

While online instruction — including MOOCs — is frequently peddled as a way to expand access and deliver learning without barriers to students, the format is ill-suited to help those who could most benefit from a college education. Those are the parting thoughts from the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education, a coalition of faculty groups, in its last of three reports examining the potential fallout from higher ed's seemingly unstoppable rush to adopt online forms of education.