Open Source Solutions

Northwestern U Creates Integration Utility To Link Blackboard and Google Apps

Users at Northwestern University will be able to log into both Blackboard Learn and Google Apps with a single signon thanks to the efforts of the institution's IT development team. The code created by the team as a Blackboard Building Block and named Bboogle has also been released as open source to let other institutions use or build on the technology at no cost.

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Transitioning to Technology Based Instruction

When Mark Van Dyke, Ph.D., signed on with Marist College five years ago, he knew that online education would play an integral role in his new position. Conversant in basic computer applications, Van Dyke had used technology as a management tool, but never for teaching or learning.

Moodlerooms Releases New CMS Based on Moodle

Moodlerooms has released Joule, a new course management system built on Moodle, an open source CMS.

Moodlerooms and Datatel Combine Open Source LMS with ERP

Moodlerooms and Datatel have teamed to integrate learning management functionality with enterprise resource planning (ERP). The integration combines Moodlerooms' learning management "platform" with Datatel's Colleague ERP system to give institutions a more complete view of their students.

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EthicShare: A Model for Virtual Research Communities

The proliferation of Web 2.0 social networking Web sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and even Flickr got some people thinking: Which scholarly disciplines need better ways of researching, collaborating, and communicating, and could a social networking model play a role?

Innovating Teaching and Learning with Sakai

Josh Baron's examination of two award-winning implementations of the Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment.

Unifying Learning Technologies

In an effort to boost the impact of technology on learning, the University of Strathclyde Glasgow is consolidating its disparate learning systems on the open source Moodle platform and launching a “Learning Technologies Support Network” to help improve the educational experience for students and faculty.

Moodlerooms, Learning Edge Partner To Bring Digital Repository to Moodle Bundle

Moodlerooms is integrating the EQUELLA digital repository into its learning management platform, powered by the open-source Moodle LMS. Through a new partnership with The Learning Edge North America, the platform will incorporate EQUELLA without adding any new licensing fees.

Sun Microsystems Rips Storage Ops with Update to 7000 Line

Less than a year after launching its Sun Storage 7000 family of products, Sun Microsystems has revamped both the hardware and software in the line to boost performance and to introduce some storage industry firsts, including triple RAID, triple mirroring, and channel migration.

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Breaking Down the Traditional Barriers to Education

Consider an educational institution that allows individuals to interact and learn online without worrying about how they're going to cover next semester's tuition bill. That's precisely what Shai Reshef had in mind when he developed the concept for University of the People, the first tuition-free online university, which opened earlier this month.