Recruitment & Retention

Community Colleges Reach Out to Senior Learners

American community colleges are increasingly reaching out to seniors. What's more, they're planning to expand programs and services specifically aimed at students 50 and older, according to new research from the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC).

Duquesne U Adopts Online Retention Software

Duquesne University in Pennsylvania is turning to a software to help improve student retention. The private Catholic university has adopted Starfish Connect from Starfish Retention Solutions in an effort to build collaboration between students and their advisors and instructors.

U Arizona Deal Includes Price Break on CRM for Other Schools

As part of a partnership between the University of Arizona and Hobsons, colleges and universities in Arizona can get a break on pricing for the company's recruitment, admissions, application, and enrollment tools.

Survey: Higher Ed Can Still Make a Difference

While the majority of Americans see their country falling behind other nations economically, they also believe the nation can improve its standing with more college degrees, according to a new survey from Kaplan. The Kaplan University Education Insights Survey found 83 percent of adults in the United States agree that the country is falling behind, with seven in 10 saying that the nation can improve its standing if more people earn college degrees.

Second Life: Engaging Virtual Campuses

In the previous article in this series, Real-Life Teaching in a Virtual World, we looked at the state of Second Life as it pertains to higher education. There are so many schools represented that one could spend days exploring the college and university campuses. The ways they are used in the 3D online virtual world vary drastically, and how much and how well they are used appear to vary as well.

Your 21st Century Toolkit

Your 21st Century Toolkit

Web 2.0 apps, e-mail marketing products, and enterprise-level solutions can help institutions "grab" donors and dollars, despite the economic downturn.

UPenn's Annenberg School Quantifies Value of Admissions Software

The Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, which has used Intelliworks in its admissions process since July 2007 reports a marked increase in electronic recruitment efforts.

Recruitment Marketing Calls for Smarter Spending

Social networking sites, primarily Facebook and MySpace, offer some interesting marketing possibilities for higher ed. But which sites to use, and in what ways? In this second half of a two-part interview with higher education marketing expert Bob Johnson, we asked Johnson how best to spend limited marketing dollars, and what role--if any--print still plays.

Bennington College Implements Yield Optimization Software

Bennington College in Vermont has selected Rapid Insight as its analytic software provider. Bennington plans to start off by using Rapid Insight's new software, Yield Optimization, to improve recruiting cost effectiveness and to optimize applicant yield rates from prospect and inquiry pools.

U Chicago Streamlines Student and Faculty Interaction

In an effort to simplify meeting scheduling between faculty and students, the University of Chicago has licensed Starfish Connect to provide self-service scheduling.