Coming to Terms with Cloud Computing

Is "cloud computing" the next big thing in IT, or are you just a victim of "cloud wash?" Recent statements by Oracle's CEO Larry Ellison and software-licensing contrarian Richard Stallman zeroed into the phrase.

Yahoo Fixing Zimbra Bug, Integrating with Exchange

Web-search advertising giant Yahoo plans to resolve a password security vulnerability identified in late September in its Zimbra open source e-mail and collaboration software. On Wednesday, a Yahoo spokesperson stated by e-mail that the problem will be addressed in a few weeks' time.

Amazon To Host Microsoft Solutions in the Cloud

Amazon announced Wednesday that it is conducting a private beta test of Microsoft's server products running on Amazon's hosted computing platform, which is called Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Amazon expects to offer companies the ability to run their applications on EC2 using Microsoft Windows Server or Microsoft SQL Server sometime in the fall, according to an announcement issued by the company.

Integrated Collaborative Environment Leverages Web 2.0

Here's a bit of trivia for your next high-tech happy hour: A "nog" (in addition to being a Christmas favorite) is a wooden block built into a masonry wall so that joinery structure can be nailed to it. For the founders of Piscataway, N.J.-based startup Bluenog this obscure bit of carpentry nomenclature was the perfect metaphor for an integrated software suite that includes a content management system (CMS), rich portal features and business intelligence (BI) capabilities.

The Generative Nature of the Digital Economy and Its Challenge to Educators

With digital technologies and Web 2.0 surrounding us, information -- and knowledge generation -- is abundant as never before. This creates some big changes for higher education: With no scarcity of information or collaboration opportunities, "seat time" in a classroom is no longer just about delivering content. Trent Batson asks, "How does a teacher reclaim the value of students coming to class in this time?"

Avoiding the 5 Most Common Mistakes in Using Blogs with Students

Blogging can be an effective tool for learning, but its benefits shouldn't be taken for granted. It takes careful planning and skillful management to make it work in an educational setting. Here are five of the most common mistakes for instructors to avoid when incorporating blogs into instruction.

College Crime Gets Google Maps Mashup at UCrime.com

UCrime.com, which provides crime mapping and alert services for colleges and universities, announced that it has doubled to 200 the number of schools it covers.

Second Life Mashup Helps Boost Distance Ed Retention at Huntington JC

Huntington Junior College (HJC) in West Virginia has gone public with its year-long early-adopter use of Campus Management's CampusLearning, a suite of services that provides for real-time, two-way integration between proprietary portals and student information systems and the Moodle open source course management systems.

Serena Acquisition Takes Aim at Microsoft Project

Serena Software acquired Projity Wednesday and is promoting that company's software as an open source alternative to Microsoft Project.

Duke Deploys Portal from To Manage Board Business

Duke University has selected BoardVantage for the electronic distribution of written materials to the University's Board of Trustees.