Research Uncovers MOOC Cheating Strategy -- Campus Technology


Advertise MOOCs Research Uncovers MOOC Cheating Strategy By Dian Schaffhauser ... with granting credit hours or digital badges to MOOC students, they may want to implement ... The outcome could make a serious dent on the reputation of MOOCs.

Campus Technology News Update: Three-Quarters of Students Say More Tech Would Improve Their Learning


Research and academic libraries are moving quickly in many directions in response to ... More Research Uncovers MOOC Cheating Strategy Researchers from MIT and Harvard University have uncovered a new cheating scheme specific to MOOCs.

HBX Intros HBX Live Virtual Classroom -- Campus Technology


Harvard Business School's HBX digital learning initiative today launched a virtual ... Additional students can audit sessions via an observer model. ... An array of stationary and roaming cameras capture the action, allowing viewers to see ...

Going Back to School: Pearson's Redoubled Focus on Education -- Campus Technology


I largely think that MOOCs have done online education a big service by helping ... That's why several of the MOOCs have pivoted their models to more sustaining revenue ... CT: So you see MOOCs as a testbed for what Pearson is all about?

Campus Technology News Update: Best Practices Can Elude Colleges Wooing Adult Learners


The field of the adult learner is still fairly new, yet many colleges and ... FutureLearn MOOC Platform Adds 5 New Universities ... FutureLearn has attracted five new institutions to join its MOOC platform with massive, open, online courses.

How Nanodegrees Are Disrupting Higher Education -- Campus Technology


... was considered a critical question raised by the advent of massive open online courses (MOOCs): Will employers take these certifications seriously? ... "Sebastian made a quick move from MOOCs to something that had a business model behind it," ...

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Resource Center ... New "micro" online certification programs are changing the educational pathways to ... Few institutions of higher education perform academic advising online or have ... FutureLearn MOOC Platform Adds 5 New Universities

FutureLearn MOOC Platform Adds 5 New Universities -- Campus Technology


Advertise MOOCs FutureLearn MOOC Platform Adds 5 New Universities ... In 2016, the university will run a seven-week MOOC on "Military Ethics." ... Added Ian Hutt, MOOC project manager at Manchester, "Our MOOCs allow us to share this with a ...

Pairing E-Portfolios With Badges To Document Informal Learning -- Campus Technology


... , the Kaneb center team plans to experiment with the role digital badges can play in incentivizing MOOC completion and operationalizing the Degree Qualification Profile (DQP) competency model (developed and incorporated by the Association of ...

AAEEBL and Campus Technology 2015: Discussions of the Move Away from Traditional Thinking about the Curriculum -- Campus Technology


"The standard curriculum we've all known for a hundred years is based more on ... How does that keynote set the stage for the conference themes and topics? ... Batson: A technology that was really hot, right before MOOCs, was digital badges.