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Cornell Report Notes Promise of Distance Learning but Cautions Against Overtaxing Faculty (03/11/14)

edX Expands Membership Structure, Adds 12 Organizations (03/06/14)

Syracuse U Researchers Propose Independent Oversight for Domain Name System (03/05/14)

802.11ac Consumer Adoption Outpacing Enterprise Adoption (03/04/14)

200 Million Smart Phones in Active Use in North America Alone (02/27/14)

Average Tuition for an Online Bachelor's Program: $43,477 (02/26/14)

Boundless Rewrites the Textbook (02/25/14)

Net Neutrality Gains Second Wind Under Wheeler (02/20/14)

UCLA Launches Crowdfunding Platform for Faculty, Student Organization Projects (02/19/14)

Report: Cuts to Prison Education May Lead to Higher Prison Costs (02/18/14)

5 Colleges and Universities Awarded NCWIT Academic Alliance Seed Fund (02/13/14)

Free and Low-Cost Learning Resources Fail To Gain Traction in Statewide Program (02/12/14)

Gainful Employment: New Priorities for U.S. Higher Education IT Departments (02/11/14)

Report: 6 Technology Barriers in Education (02/06/14)

What Will Drive Technology Adoption in Colleges and Universities This Decade (02/05/14)

The 6 Most Important Technologies To Impact Teaching and Learning in the Next 5 Years (02/04/14)

Science and Engineering Doctorates for Women 'Increasing Rapidly' (01/30/14)

One-Seventh of the World's Population Got a Smart Phone Last Year (01/29/14)

Inside the First-Year Data from MITx and HarvardX (01/28/14)

U Houston Research: Anonymous Commenting Less Civil (01/23/14)