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Indiana University Creates Data Dashboard for IT Service Management

Indiana University has developed a custom dashboard that integrates data from multiple IT service management (ITSM) sources to help guide its strategic decision making.

A driving factor behind the development of the dashboard was the prospect of the university becoming an outsourced IT service management partner for Ivy Tech Community College, which would increase the demands on the university's IT support system by 60 to 70 percent. The university needed a way to ensure the most efficient use of its resources and made the decision to develop the dashboard in-house.

The dashboard integrates information from the university's BMC FootPrints ITSM solution and other data sources. It displays both high-level information and granular detail about the university's IT professional services and support, support center, support systems and licensing, technology center consulting, telephone call center, telephone consulting, and other resources. Personnel can view real-time and historical data from multiple sources and analyze it as needed. According to BMC FootPrints, the dashboard has enabled Indiana University to improve efficiency and productivity, prioritize resources intelligently, quantify the value of IT initiatives, and prepare for increased contact volume.

"We can tell how to staff to meet demand by looking at historical data, and we can catch trends quickly enough to be able to adjust and align our resources," said Cathy O’Bryan, director of client support at Indiana University, in a prepared statement.

Indiana University is a multi-campus public research institution serving 130,000 students, faculty, and staff.

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