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  • Enabling Student Access to Engineering Apps, Anywhere on Any Device

    University of Maryland is migrating all their applications to servers with GPUs to virtualize all apps for their 38,000 students and enable access from anywhere, on any device. With the inclusion of NVIDIA Quadro virtual Data Center Workstation software and Tesla GPUs, the UMD community has the opportunity to work at the very edge of science, technology and research. Through the power of virtualization with GPUs, the engineering school has grown by 1,000 students with no additional labs needed. With Terrapin Works, a world-class digital manufacturing lab that can be accessed virtually, the University offers production and design services, as well as access to 3D printing equipment, across a multitude of locations, to students and the surrounding community, all thanks to virtualization. Join the webcast to hear more from Jim Zahniser, Executive Director of Engineering Information Technology and learn how UMD has become a digital manufacturing powerhouse. 12/06/17 Register Now

  • The Evolving Role of the Higher Ed CISO

    Security risks are multiplying in volume and variety, and it’s no longer just IT’s concern. As budgets flatten and scrutiny rises, how must higher ed IT leadership evolve to keep pace with new threats, while still driving innovation? 10/26/17 Register Now