Cloud Computing & SaaS

U Mary Washington Begins Move to Instructure LMS

A university in Fredericksburg, VA has begun its move to a new open source, SaaS-based learning management system.

UC San Diego Hospital Uses Cloud for Trauma-Related File Transfer

A university hospital in Southern California has begun using cloud computing to receive imaging work from a remote hospital to expedite the treatment of trauma patients.

IBM Tackles Education Analytics with SaaS Suite

IBM is expanding its presence in education cloud computing with the release of a new SaaS-based service named Decision Management for Education.

Higher Ed Optimistic About Cloud Use

Higher education may have a long way to go before it's fully ready to exploit cloud computing because it doesn't fully understand it. Despite this, colleges and universities are still fairly optimistic about cloud prospects on campus.

U Rhode Island Researchers To Test IBM Academic Social Networks

The University of Rhode Island has begun working with IBM on a project that will test out the company's ability to automate some of the work involved in connecting researchers to funding sources and collaborators.

Campus IT Plans for Increased Cloud Adoption

American colleges and universities are expanding their adoption of cloud technologies. According to new research released Thursday, higher education institutions will spend about a quarter of their IT budgets on the cloud within five years.

Wyse Intros Linux-Based Thin Client for Cloud Computing on a Budget

Wyse has introduced its new entry-level thin client, the Wyse T50. Geared toward organizations on a budget, the T50 includes Wyse-enhanced Linux firmware, a simplified user interface, "plug and display" startup of less than 20 seconds, and the ability to display multimedia and Flash in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and the local browser.

National Louis U Elevates CRM Work to Cloud

National-Louis University and a number of other institutions have begun transitioning to the cloud for constituent relationship management.

UK School Taps Virtual Labs for Internet Courses

A research university in London's East End has adopted a new virtual lab system for delivering "hands-on" learning to graduate and undergraduate students studying Internet protocol- and infrastructure-related topics.

OpenQwaq Open Source Project Provides Virtual Workspaces for Collaboration

Teleplace has launched a new open source project, OpenQwaq, an enterprise-class virtual collaboration platform based on the Teleplace platform.