Cloud Computing & SaaS

D2L Learning Suite Gets Live@edu Integration

Desire2Learn is integrating Microsoft's Live@edu service into its Learning Suite, an educational software package that includes a learning management system, electronic portfolio, learning repository, and analytics tool.

IT Managers Renew Focus on Energy Efficiency, but Budget Barriers Still Loom

According to new research, energy efficiency is more important to college and university IT managers than ever. About three-quarters of all campuses have a program in place or in development to reduce energy consumption in IT, and most of those have already begun seeing cost savings from their efforts. But barriers to more widespread energy efficiency initiatives remain.

Cloud Integrator Boomi To Be Acquired by Dell

Dell this week said it will acquire Boomi, which operates a service designed to simplify the integration of cloud services with premises-based infrastructure.

Web 2.0's Foundation of Sand

A major share of creativity and innovation in our country, both from our universities and elsewhere, occurs “on” the Web. But what is built on the Web has no rebars in its foundation, indeed, often no physical foundation--such as offices--at all.

Microsoft Lures Researchers to Azure Cloud in 3 European Deals

Microsoft is working with three organizations in Europe to broaden researcher access to cloud resources. The company has announced that it's working with Europe's VENUS- consortium, France's INRIA, and the University of Nottingham Horizon Institute.

Microsoft's Ray Ozzie Envisions a 'Post-PC World'

What will a "post-PC world" look like? Ray Ozzie, renowned for jumpstarting Microsoft's move to the cloud, described a new vision for such an environment in a memo posted this week.

Hyper-V To Be Integrated in OpenStack

Microsoft recently announced a partnership with to help integrate its commercial hypervisor into the open source OpenStack project.

A Cloud Class Faces Graduation

Arizona State has entered its fourth academic year of having students use Google Apps for Education to do e-mail, documents, presentation, and collaboration work. Those who have been part of the journey said they believe the change has had an impact greater just the technology in use.