Data/Document Management

South Suburban College Moves to Datatel SIS Apps

South Suburban College in South Holland, IL has selected Datatel to create a new student information system. Datatel's technology and professional services will replace a legacy system currently used by the institution.

Johns Hopkins Puts Expertise Online Publicly with Collexis

Johns Hopkins University has put its Collexis Holdings Expertise Portal online as a public Web site where individuals can search, sort, and view compiled views of the research conducted by the university and its faculty. Collexis Holdings develops semantic search and knowledge discovery software.

VMware Fusion Expands Mac OS X Support, Adds Virus Security

VMware has released an update to Fusion, the company's desktop virtualization solution for Mac OS X. The latest release, version 2.0.2, includes a range of enhancements, from updated host and guest operating system support to new security features to new virtual machine importing capabilities.

Exchange Labs To Become Outlook Live; New Mail Features in Store for Live@edu

Microsoft's Exchange Labs is changing its name to Outlook Live and adding new e-mail features. Exchange Labs/Outlook Live is a component of Live@edu and functions as an R&D environment for Microsoft's new e-mail developments. The service is free for academic users.

Googling the Students by Bus

Last fall, Google sent a retro bus full of technology and Google Apps for Education experts across the United States to visit 10 higher education campuses. At the end of the road, CT asked Jeff Keltner to reflect on his company's intriguing Google "road trip."

U Texas at Austin Outfits Genome Sequencing Facility with Applied Biosystems Machine

The College of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin will be adding the Solid System from Applied Biosystems for genomic analysis as part of its new Genome Sequencing and Analysis Facility. The new instrument will allow researchers to expand their studies to rapidly catalog large genomes and perform a variety of applications that include transcriptome analysis and targeted resequencing, among others.

MIT Livestreams Images of Living Cells to Dublin with Document Camera

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has partnered with The Grafting Parlour, a collaborative research project involving artists and scientists, to display living cells via streaming video to an event in Dublin, Ireland.

Microsoft Bolsters SharePoint's Enterprise Search

Microsoft rolled out two new enterprise search products Tuesday at its FASTforward'09 event in Las Vegas. The company unveiled FAST Search for SharePoint and FAST Search for Internet Business.

South Carolina To Improve College Transfer with

The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education has awarded a multi-year contract to AcademyOne to improve college transfer and articulation in South Carolina.

U South Florida Automates Processes for Human Subject Research

The University of South Florida (USF) will use Click Commerce's eResearch Portal to automate Institutional Review Board (IRB) processes for human subject research. USF will streamline and strengthen IRB processes across the institution's multiple research communities in the first of a series of research automation initiatives to be rolled out over the next two and a half years.