Programming & Development

Xenocode Upgrades Application Virtualization Tool

Xenocode, the Seattle-based maker of virtualization tools, today released the latest version of its Virtual Application Studio, a developer-focused authoring environment for virtualizing existing Windows-based applications.

Microsoft Opens Up Web Sandbox

Microsoft announced the release last week of Web Sandbox on its Port25 open source community Web site. The company has made the source code available under the Apache 2.0 open source license, the site reported.

Microsoft Rolls Out Semblio SDK

Microsoft has released Semblio SDK version 1, a new tool for education developers that's designed to aid in the creation of interactive learning materials. The kit, part of what was previously known as "Grava" during its development phase, is available as a free download now.

IBM Serves Up Cloud Computing to Universities

IBM's Blue Cloud solutions are getting test driven by a number of universities in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The Qatar Cloud Computing Initiative, driven by three universities, will open its cloud infrastructure to local businesses and industries to test applications, including seismic modeling and the exploration for oil and gas.

Adobe Rolls Out eLearning Suite

Adobe has debuted its new eLearning Suite, a system designed to facilitate courseware authoring, media editing, and the creation of other learning materials. The company has also launched Captivate 4, an upgrade to its eLearning content authoring tool.

Microsoft Releases CTP of VS Extensions for SharePoint

Microsoft this week announced a community technology preview (CTP) release of Visual Studio extensions for SharePoint. The new Visual Studio 2008 extensions for Windows SharePoint Services (VSeWSS), released as version 1.3, are templates for creating, debugging, packaging and deploying SharePoint projects.

Embarcadero Releases CodeGear RAD Studio 2009

Embarcadero Technologies' acquisition of CodeGear from Borland Software Corp. last year has borne fruit in the form of a newly released rapid application development (RAD) tool.

COBOL Eclipsed

With the latest release of its development and deployment platform for the Common Business-Oriented Language(COBOL), Veryant will unveil a COBOL editor plugin for the Eclipse Integrated Developer Environment.

Agile Factories To Fill Enterprise Demand

Agile development methodologies may be gaining ground in the enterprise, but in academia, it's all waterfall all the time. Despite the changing times, most university and college computer science programs are still producing developers steeped in monolithic methods with little or no exposure to agile methods.

Khronos Releases OpenCL 1.0; AMD, Nvidia Adopt Parallel Computing Spec

The Khronos Group has ratified and released OpenCL 1.0, an open specification aimed at enabling parallel programming across multi-core CPUs and GPUs. GPU heavyweights AMD and Nvidia came out immediately with support for the spec Tuesday, along with plans for products to support developers. AMD said it's backing OpenCL 1.0 and will "integrate a compliant compiler and runtime into the free ATI Stream Software Development Kit." Nvidia, meanwhile, said its CUDA parallel computing technology will "seamlessly run OpenCL."