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Agile Factories To Fill Enterprise Demand

Agile development methodologies may be gaining ground in the enterprise, but in academia, it's all waterfall all the time. Despite the changing times, most university and college computer science programs are still producing developers steeped in monolithic methods with little or no exposure to agile methods.

Khronos Releases OpenCL 1.0; AMD, Nvidia Adopt Parallel Computing Spec

The Khronos Group has ratified and released OpenCL 1.0, an open specification aimed at enabling parallel programming across multi-core CPUs and GPUs. GPU heavyweights AMD and Nvidia came out immediately with support for the spec Tuesday, along with plans for products to support developers. AMD said it's backing OpenCL 1.0 and will "integrate a compliant compiler and runtime into the free ATI Stream Software Development Kit." Nvidia, meanwhile, said its CUDA parallel computing technology will "seamlessly run OpenCL."

First Look: Komodo IDE 5.0

Last month, ActiveState released Komodo IDE 5.0, the company's latest integrated development environment (IDE). Komodo supports multiple programming and markup languages, including HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Java, Python, C++ and more. It does not support some .NET languages at present, such as ASP/ASP.NET, C# and VB.NET.

Seeing SPOTs

Agile Solution Provider Rolls Out Java SDK

Agile project management tools provider VersionOne has updated its V1: Agile Enterprise product to include a Java software development kit (Java SDK). The 8.3 version, now available, comes with an extensible API, object model libraries, source code, documentation and sample applications for Java jocks.

First Look at Live Mesh and Live Framework

David Treadwell, Microsoft's corporate vice president of the Live Services Platform, announced the new Live Framework during a keynote address at last week's Professional Developers Conference that addressed Windows 7 and other tools and technologies that will make up the front-end infrastructure of the company's unfolding Software plus Services strategy.

Iowa State To Develop Moodle-Blackboard Integration Software

Iowa State University and Blackboard have partnered to develop technologies that will allow Blackboard's learning environment to integrate with the open-source Moodle learning management system. Iowa State will lead the development effort, with Blackboard providing support.

Open Ajax Alliance Offers New IDE and Mashup Tools

The OpenAjax Alliance wants to make it easier--and safer--to build applications using the Ajax Web development technique. The group unveiled two standards initiatives at this year's AjaxWorld RIA Conference & Expo last week in San Jose, CA, including a new metadata specification and a new version of its mashup runtime.

Merb: Rails Alternative Takes Modular Approach

Engine Yard has just released the community version of a new Web framework for building Ruby applications. Dubbed Merb, the open source framework written in Ruby is "super-light and super-fast," according to the company, which is positioning it as an alternative to Rails.

Social Learning Platform Gains Developer Portal

Cerego has taken its first step toward opening its iKnow! social learning platform, a technology from aimed at integrating collaboration and learning into Web-based content, with the launch of the iKnow! Developer Portal. It's designed to allow users to create mashups using iKnow! content and is aimed particularly at "education-focused social communities."