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IT Pay Can Higher Ed Compete

IT Pay: Can Higher Ed Compete?

Few colleges can match the private sector when it comes to IT salaries, but higher education has some advantages that can help level the playing field.

Davenport U Takes a Collaborative Approach to IT Support

At Davenport University, central IT is using social learning tools to tap the tech expertise of its own students, faculty and staff, cutting back on help desk requests and helping to create a culture of mutual support.

6 Innovative Uses of Lecture Capture

6 Innovative Uses of Lecture Capture

Lecture capture is no longer merely a safety net for students who can't make it to class. Here are 6 ways faculty are using it to make their courses more engaging, flexible, and imaginative.

Technology: Change is How You Use It

Sally M. Johnstone, a true pioneer in the use of technology in higher education, joined a 25-year retrospective session at the recent WCET annual conference in Colorado, with panelists particularly reflecting on changes online learning. Below, CT asked Johnstone to share some of her own perspectives.

Attention Please! Getting Students to Tune In

This CUNY Skunkworks project sought a way to make sure students arrived on time and stayed alert throughout the entire class.

How to Earn a Graduate Degree on a Smartphone

With the help of a smartphone or tablet, graduate engineering students at USC can access live streaming lectures, and interact with their lecturer and fellow students.

Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn University Pages

Now that LinkedIn is targeting colleges and universities with its professional social networking service, it's time for schools to sort out what kind of commitment to make and dive in.

ePortfolio Leaders: In Utah, A Community College Sets the Pace of Change

CT talks with Salt Lake Community College's ePortfolio leaders about that institution's ePortfolio initiative and its leadership in the state.

A MOOC Platform Based on Engagement

Eschewing the talking-head approach of mainstream MOOCs, NovoEd stakes its claim on MOOCs that emphasize student-centered learning and collaboration.

Going Full Throttle with Webinars at Embry-Riddle

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University introduced webinars to put a spotlight on faculty expertise and give students "out of classroom" training opportunities. But, really, they're actually becoming a key part of campus recruitment.