Spotlight on Green Schools

Schools are focusing more and more heavily on cutting back on the energy they use and trying to reduce their impact on the environment. The articles on these pages spotlight individual campus energy conservation programs, energy initiatives, solar installations, energy-related technology, HVAC, research, grants, policy, and other topics related to green campuses.

System Center Update Promises Energy Savings

As the summer heats up, and icebergs melt, maybe it's time for system admins using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 to consider adding a little eco-friendliness to their networks.

vmSight Launches Connector ID For Thin Client VDI Deployments

vmSight has announced the availability of its Connector ID platform for thin clients used in virtual desktop environments. The solution is intended to help IT administrators manage virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments, as well as provide detailed virtual desktop user tracking.

IBM Touts Linux Strategy with New Virt, SuSE, Supercomputer Intiatives

IBM made several announcements Tuesday at the annual LinuxWorld conference, introducing a new series of products, services and initiatives that the company says will "further expand IBM's commitment to Linux and open source by enabling the next generation of Linux."

Higher Ed Least Likely Sector To Adopt Energy Management Policies

Information technology leaders in colleges and universities are more concerned about environmental issues than their counterparts in every other sector--corporate, state/local, federal, and higher education. But they are also least likely to have formal policies in place for addressing energy efficiency, according to a new survey released Monday by CDW Government (CDW-G).

MIT Researchers Take Solar Power Where the Sun Doesn't Shine

Researchers at MIT announced last week that they've cracked the solar power nut by finding a method to squirrel away energy for use when the sun isn't shining. Unlike existing techniques, this new one is efficient, inexpensive, and clean, researchers said, relying on resources that are abundant and lend themselves to easy manufacture.

Bentley College Deploys Infor Software to Help Reduce Energy Consumption

Bentley College of Waltham, MA is deploying Infor EAM Asset Sustainability Edition software to monitor and reduce energy consumption throughout its campus. The school currently runs Infor's EAM Enterprise Edition, which monitors the maintenance and repair of the college's assets.

Colorado State-Pueblo To Install Megawatt Solar Electric System

Colorado State University-Pueblo soon will be the home of a solar electric system in excess of one megawatt, one of the largest such systems for an education facility in the United States. Under an innovative arrangement with Black Hills Energy (formerly Aquila) and BP Solar, the system is estimated to contribute at least 10 percent of the University's electricity needs. Installation of the ground- based solar array begins this summer with full operation scheduled for late fall.

New U Arizona Prefetching Scheme Saves Computing Time, Energy

Most desktop computers today, when not in use, power down their hard drives to save energy. While this may be very green, it also incurs minor, though sometimes frustrating, delays. Waiting up to eight seconds for a hard drive to power back up to fetch some document is not the best use of any office worker's time. So two University of Arizona researchers have sussed out a way to save energy and keep data coming quickly, through a concept they call context-aware prefetching.

Going Green or Hoarding Green?

Organizations have the desire to reduce their impact on the environment but lack the will to pay a premium for cleaner operations, according to a cross-sector survey released recently by IT hosting solutions provider Rackspace.

Vernier Offers Free Software, Plays with Legos, Goes Green For Education

Data collection technology provider Vernier Software & Technology has announced several new offerings for the education market, including free Logger Lite and LabQuest Emulator software, a new NXT sensor adapter for Lego Mindstorms NXT robots, and free eco-friendly classroom activities.

New Green Supercomputer Powers Up at Purdue

A new supercomputer installed at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN is being compared to a "fleet of thousands of bike messengers." Individually they don't carry much freight, but they use less energy and are more effective in some situations. At least, that's the hope. Gerry McCartney, vice president for IT and CIO at Purdue, said the supercomputer, a SiCortex 5832, uses one-fortieth the power of traditional supercomputers.

Allegheny College Launches Energy Reduction Program

Buildings on the Allegheny College campus will be audited by Siemens Building Technologies to identify potential energy savings as part of the school's participation in the Clinton Climate Initiative's (CCI) Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program.

IBM Launches 'Carbon Strategy' Service in Project Big Green

How green are your feet? That's the question IBM wants to answer as it launches a new consulting service to determine the carbon footprint of IT organizations and help those organizations plan for greener operations throughout and beyond the enterprise.

Swedes Deploy Dual-Boot 'Green' Supercomputer with IBM, Intel Chips

The High Performance Computing Center North (HPC2N), a Swedish consortium of universities and research centers based out of Umea University, is installing a supercomputer that combines IBM Cell Broadband Engines and Power processors with quad-core Intel Xeon processors running both Windows and Linux in a dual-boot configuration.

iLinc Web Conferencing Tool Updated, Adds 'Green Meter'

iLinc released a new version of its Web conferencing tool, iLinc 10, which bolsters session management and adds a "green meter." The green meter shows cost savings, carbon emissions, and total distance not traveled by using Web conferencing versus in-person meetings. Administrators can also customize several variables in the meter to match their organization's specific policies.