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Gartner: Mobility, Big Data on the Rise; Cloud Not so Much

Mobile devices and data-driven decision-making tip the scales in Gartner's midyear re-evaluation of top IT trends.

UMass Boston Sees Shift From PC to Mac Dominance

Apple computers are making a big comeback on university campuses, driven by the surging popularity of the brand. For IT departments used to dealing with Windows-based PCs, this trend requires support staff to learn new skills and adopt new tools to support a growing range of platforms and devices.

Using Social Media to Manage the BYOD Wave

A device-management tool is helping Seton Hill University administer its mobile network via social media--using plain English.

Understanding Mobility and its Impact on Learning

Students' world of interaction, communication, and exploration is increasingly mobile and as that begins to pervade education, so the expectations of students are changing regarding their learning.

iPad App Aims To Make Lecture Halls More Intimate and Students More Engaged

A professor at the University of Michigan has launched an iPad app that he originally developed to help large introductory college classes seem smaller and less intimidating.

Yale Launches iPhone App

Yale University has deployed a free iPhone app to provide students easy access to campus news and information.

iCampus Offering Early Access to Premium Package

iCampus is allowing a limited number of customers to get a sneak peak at its premium mobile platform package, dubbed iCampus Plus, which will be formally released in September.

Blackboard Adds Testing to Mobile Learning App

Blackboard has updated its mobile app to accommodate test taking and to deliver alerts to students when changes happen to their courses without the learning management system app being opened.

Maintaining the University Brand in a Decentralized Mobile Environment

Schools are finding ways to encourage mobile development on campus while maintaining centralized control of their brands.

iPad Drives Tablet Growth While Android Tablets Slump

Worldwide shipments of tablets increased significantly in the first quarter of 2012, driven by strong sales of Apple's iPad. But owing to a slump in Android tablet sales, overall growth was weaker than expected. Meanwhile, on the smart phone front, Apple dropped to second place as Samsung more than tripled its unit shipments in the quarter to land in the top slot.