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Georgetown U Joins EdX

Georgetown University has joined edX, bringing the number of institutions participating in the not-for-profit online learning initiative to six.

Texas University Expands Access to Online College Readiness Program

One member of the Texas state university system is partnering with an educational publisher to provide access to online courses and materials to its 15,000 undergraduate students in an effort to improve student performance.

Rutgers To Expand Online Degree Programs

New Jersey's Rutgers University will expand its online offerings to include undergraduate and graduate degrees available completely online.

American U To Launch Online International Relations Master's Program

Beginning next May, American University’s School of International Service will offer an online version of its master's degree in international relations that it expects will draw students from around the world.

Carnegie Mellon To Launch Blended-Learning MBA

A Pennsylvania university has revamped its master's in business administration program to allow students to complete portions of the program both online and on-site.

Student Success Is More Than a Numbers Game

While predictive analytics can help students succeed, we must not lose sight of the fact that college is also a time of exploration and self-discovery.

U South Carolina To Duplicate Degree Programs Online

The University of South Carolina will be moving undergraduate and graduate programs online in an attempt to improve access for students.

Привет! 你好! أهلاً ! Bonjour! Hello…to Online Language Learning that Works

Most classroom models for world language instruction inherently limit the amount of exposure and immersion available to students. The result is frustration coupled with a fundamentally limited world language experience. Armed with a new model for online language courses, BYU Independent Study (BYU-IS) has set out to change that.

Wellesley College Joins edX

Wellesley College will begin offering a series of massive open online courses, starting fall 2013.

Community Colleges Try MOOCs in Blended Courses

Two community colleges in Massachusetts will be trying out a blended model of instruction that integrates online content from edX.