MOOCs, Blended Learning, Online Learning & Flipped Classrooms

San Jose State To Expand edX Partnership, Open Center of Excellence

San Jose State University announced Wednesday its intentions to take a leadership role in the use of MOOCs in blended courses. The institution plans to open a center of excellence based specifically on the experiences it has garnered through a fall 2012 course on circuits and electronics involving MOOC provider edX.

Keeping an Eye on Cheaters

Keeping an Eye on Cheaters

When it comes to secure testing online, even high-tech solutions rely on an old standby: a human proctor. But is such an approach sustainable in the long run?

Stanford Partners with EdX To Improve Platform Ahead of Source Code Release

Stanford University and edX have partnered to integrate parts of the former's Class2Go platform with the edX platform ahead of the public release of the edX source code June 1.

Flipping To Adapt to Multiple Learning Styles at Minnesota State University

When Associate Professor and Chemical Education Researcher Danaè Quirk Dorr noticed a correlation between student learning styles and achievement in her large organic chemistry course, she decided to flip her classroom and crunch the numbers to see if there was a better way to reach all her students.

Immersive Health Education From a Distance

Immersive Health Education From a Distance

Telepresence and simulation technologies offer remote learners the real thing in training for patient care.

Wharton School Connects Classrooms with Life-Size Telepresence System

Using floor-to-ceiling projection and a banks of 80-inch LED displays, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has created a new classroom collaboration system designed to connect students nearly 3,000 miles apart.

Indian River State College Prepares K-12 Educators with New Online Learning Courses

In an effort to better prepare the state's K-12 educators for online instruction, Indian River State College (IRSC) will create a series of courses designed to overview the various methods associated with teaching and learning in the virtual environment.

Marrying Into MOOCs

In a Q&A, the CIO of the University of Maryland discusses his school's involvement with Coursera, its institutional goals, and what it takes to create a MOOC.

Florida International University Selects Hosted Online Learning Platform for MOOCs

Florida International University has implemented an online learning platform to offer its own massive open online courses.

North Carolina State U To Offer MOOC for School District Leaders

The Alliance for Excellent Education and the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at North Carolina State University have launched a massive open online course for educators called Digital Learning Transition, which is designed to help school district leaders develop a set of digital learning goals and strategies to meet the needs of their students.