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Florida International University Selects Hosted Online Learning Platform for MOOCs

Florida International University has implemented an online learning platform to offer its own massive open online courses.

North Carolina State U To Offer MOOC for School District Leaders

The Alliance for Excellent Education and the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at North Carolina State University have launched a massive open online course for educators called Digital Learning Transition, which is designed to help school district leaders develop a set of digital learning goals and strategies to meet the needs of their students.

Georgia Tech Upgrades Router for HD Video Production

Georgia Tech Online, the university's distance learning operation, is using a new PESA Cheetah 288XE digital video router as part of an upgrade to HD production for its online professional education courses.

California Bill Could Allow Students To Take MOOCs for Credit

Senate President Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg, of the California State Senate, has proposed legislation that would allow some college students in the state to take a massive open online course for credit.

EdX Releases Open Source Tool For Building Interactive MOOC Courseware

EdX has released source code to the general public that supports interactive learning built specifically for the Internet.

8 Considerations for Online Text

Are your students reading what you're displaying? Professor of Instructional Technology Scott Fredrickson and Associate Professor of Educational Administration Patricia Hoehner, both of the University of Nebraska at Kearney, provide eight factors to consider when presenting text for online courses.

5 Classroom Design Strategies for Lecture Capture

Ready or not, schools are being forced to offer online or hybrid classes. AV Specialist Michael David Leiboff shares five tips to help colleges and universities prepare their classrooms for the lecture capture needs of today and tomorrow.

Tackling Plagiarism

Faculty members at Brevard Community College fight plagiarism on the same battlefield that has spawned a proliferation of copying, borrowing, and improperly citing information sources.

Columbia University Focuses on Big Data Analysis with Two Online Graduate Programs

In an effort to address anticipated needs in big data analysis, Columbia University will launch online versions of its Master of Arts in Statistics and Master of Science in Actuarial Science programs.

Ottawa U Signs 'Game Changer' Deal To Expand Online Program

Ottawa University, a 7,000-student institution, has just signed a first-of-its-kind agreement to help it deliver on a major program expansion.