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Survey Finds Understanding, Support of MOOCs a Mixed Bag

A public opinion survey conducted by Brodeur Partners of parents, students, alumni, donors, and employers in the United States regarding attitudes and understanding of massive open online courses has come back with mixed results, hinting that a full-fledged switch to MOOCs for the higher education experience may not be the wisest choice for colleges in the immediate future.

Westminster College Offers Online Courses for Turkish High School Students

Fulton, MO's Westminster College has offered online courses to high school students in Turkey this summer.

Kaplan Study: Gamification and Badging Succeed in the Online Classroom

Kaplan University's School of Information Technology is expanding its gamification and badging efforts following positive results from a recently conducted pilot program.

Report: Students Taking Online Courses Jumps 96 Percent over 5 Years

The number of college students taking at least one online course nearly doubled, from 23 percent to 45, over the last five years according to the 2013 College Explorer, a new report from market research company re:fuel.

$50 For-Credit MOOC Goes Bust — for Now

A school-vendor partnership intended to test a new twist on the MOOC went belly-up a day after it was announced.

Online Learning Site Reveals Instructor Earnings, Launches Summer Teaching Grant Program

Online course provider Udemy has launched a summer grant program to encourage new teachers to join their ranks. The grant will award $5,000 plus 100 percent course revenues for life. The company is also providing an inside peek into its instructors' earnings, including top earners and average instructor earnings.

edX Adds International Monetary Fund to Course Providers

The International Monetary Fund has partnered with edX in an effort to reach government leaders worldwide and open its training to the public.

Low-Cost MOOC To Grant 3 Credits at Tiffin U

A school-vendor partnership will be testing out a new twist on the MOOC: offering a three-credit course in social sciences for $50, considerably less than the course costs through the university.

Report: The 4 Pillars of the Flipped Classroom

Though all classrooms are different, there are four critical elements that successful flipped classrooms have in common, according to a new report developed by the Flipped Learning Network, George Mason University, and Pearson's Center for Educator Effectiveness.

Partnership Lets Some NY College Students Begin Online

Students who enroll in Paul Smith's College will be able to take certain freshman-level courses through an online course provider at a lower rate.