UC San Francisco Appoints New Head of IT

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has a new vice chancellor for IT. Elazar Harel will also hold the title of CIO. The new position, which comes with a base salary of $310,800, replaces the previously shared arrangement in which two associate vice chancellors jointly filled the academic and administrative CIO roles.

UMassOnline Lures New CTO from SUNY

The CIO of SUNY's College of Technology in Dehli, NY is moving to UMassOnline, the online learning consortium of the University of Massachusetts, as CTO.

Managing the Student for Life

Ever since the first customer relationship management (CRM) tools found their way onto North American campuses around 2002, higher ed administrators have cringed at the mention of the word “customer,” preferring to substitute “constituent” for the more sales-driven term. Yet, with competition for qualified candidates heating up over the past decade and the recent economic downturn decimating recruiting budgets, nomenclature has come to matter a good deal less than fresh intelligence and the ability to attract top-level prospects.

A Study of CIO Roles and Effectiveness in Higher Education

The role of the CIO has existed in higher education for some 25 years, but its career path is not well defined. Wayne Brown's ongoing research, now under the guise of the Center for Higher Education Chief Information Officers Studies, attempts to uncover key trends in the CIO role in an effort to help IT leaders going forward.

Choudhury Appointed CLIR Fellow

Sayeed Choudhury has been appointed to CLIR Senior Presidential Fellow.

Padrón to Chair AAC&U

Miami Dade President Eduardo Padrón is elected to chair the AAC&U.

Driving Google Apps for Education

A humble little old bus left Google's Mountain View, CA campus Monday for a 5,000-mile trek across the US to visit 10 college campuses, beginning with southern California's USC. Of course, the 30-year-old bus was converted to biodiesel, updated with solar panels and other green features, stocked with tons of technology and wireless Internet, and given an adorable "Google" paint job. It departed on schedule, chock full of Google Apps for Education demos and tech experts (riding along or flying to meet the bus) with new ideas to discuss with students and faculty.

NSBA '20 To Watch' Nomination Deadline Nears

Nominations for the National School Boards Association's "20 To Watch" program are coming to a close within the next two weeks. The program aims to recognize innovators in the field of education technology in both higher education and K-12.

DeVry Inc. Hires New CIO

Eric Dirst will be the new chief information officer at the parent company for DeVry University and the Keller Graduate School of Management.

U of O's New Director of Academic Information Services

Helen Chu is the new director of academic information services at the University of Oregon.