Policy Issues

Ohio Calls on Blackboard To Create Statewide Online Learning Clearinghouse

Ohio's Board of Regents will be working with Blackboard in developing a program to host distance learning courses in the state. Chancellor Eric Fingerhut chose Blackboard's consulting team to build a new, statewide digital learning clearinghouse that will provide a common platform for online courses.

MIT Research Asks, Just How Fast Is U.S. Broadband?

In the race for Internet speed, the United States could definitely be called a slacker. According to data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, in the area of average advertised broadband download speed this country falls somewhere between those little heralded hotbeds of high tech, Italy and Greece.

Presidents Climate Commitment Expels Inactive Colleges

The American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment has lost 15 signatories in a recent move to prune those institutions that haven't met any of their deadlines since committing to the sustainability initiative. The move was made by the consortium's steering committee, which simultaneously congratulated the remaining 673 institutions for the progress they've made.

Google Averts Censorship Showdown in China

China renewed Google's licenses as an Internet content provider for that country, according to Google's chief legal officer.

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Department of Ed Lays Down Law on Kindle E-Reader Usage

The United States Department of Education and Department of Justice have just issued a reminder calling for colleges and universities--as well as K-12 school districts--to make sure devices such as e-readers that are required in the classroom comply with accessibility laws. The federal action came on the heels of a settlement agreement made by Justice with five institutions that were running Amazon Kindle e-book readers as pilot programs. According to the agencies, Kindle devices aren't accessible to students who are blind or have low vision.

Virginia Tech Calls Warnings 'Timely' by 2007 Measure

In response to the United States Department of Education's preliminary report on Virginia Tech's response to the 2007 mass shooting, the Blacksburg university has issued a response that vehemently objects to the department's findings.

NSF, NIH To Measure Federal Science Funding Impact

Reflecting the White House's focus on performance metrics and accountability, a new initiative with an unwieldy name is about to begin measuring the impact of federal investment in the sciences.

Author Anya Kamenetz

The Moral Mission

DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2010) explores how students can and will use technology to sidestep the spiraling costs of college to pursue non-traditional paths toward learning. Author Anya Kamenetz talks to CT about the institutional imperative to bring down tuition costs and make higher learning more accessible to more people.

Cyber Challenge: 10,000 Security Warriors Wanted

The Cyber Challenge has set as its national goal to identify and train an army of cybersecurity experts to help fill shortages in industry and government. Campuses like Cal Poly are helping to lead the charge.