Policy Issues

Report Available from Interagency Working Group on Digital Data

The Interagency Working Group on Digital Data of the National Science and Technology Council's Committee on Science has made available its January 2009 report that outlines a strategy for preservation and access to digital scientific data.

ePortfolio's Democratizing Potential May Be Quashed by IT Dark Side

Despite years of implementations in United States colleges, universities, and K-12 systems, ePortfolios are still generally in an identity crisis. The battle still rages over such issues as: Will personal ownership of learning be expanded and defined by personal portfolios, or will portfolio systems evolve into a set of technologies that further control and define learning from the institutional perspective?

Securing Cyberspace: What It Means for Higher Education

Prior to his election President Obama identified three 21st century threats that he felt had received insufficient attention: nuclear, biological, and cyber threats. He then made specific proposals about what he would do if elected President. What do his proposals mean for higher education?

Letter to Obama: Consider Open Source

The Collaborative Software Initiative (CSI) posted an open letter to President Barack Obama Tuesday on the topic of open source software. The letter urged him to mandate that the United States government consider open source software for federal IT initiatives.

Funding Crisis May Marginalize SC Online Library System

A consortium of university and other libraries in South Carolina faces the prospect of shuttering the bulk of its online library system in the face of state budget cuts. The Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries (PASCAL) lost $1.8 million--90 percent of its funding--in cutbacks, forcing the organization to cancel database and electronic journal subscriptions and reduce its services to three days a week from five. The organization has projected that it will be able to maintain the scaled back delivery schedule through the middle of 2009.

State College Wireless Coverage Effort Dies in South Dakota

An effort in South Dakota by the Board of Regents to implement pervasive wireless in all six public campuses has fallen victim to the failing economy and employee lobbying. The Regents sent an e-mail memo to university administrators and regents, announcing the suspension of what was called the Mobile Computing Initiative owing to a lack of funding, while encouraging individual schools to implement wireless networks on their own.