Policy Issues

IT Leaders: Take a Deep Breath and Look Around You

The Campus Technology 2009 Executive Summit on "IT Leadership and the 21st Century Campus: Insight and Innovation," brought together campus IT leaders to discuss both technology directions and their own leadership roles. Here, read Part I of Trent Batson's two-part commentary, and watch for Part II in two weeks.

Natural Language is Still Our Most Important Technology

In a Web 2.0 world, language and writing skills are essential to success. But our emphasis on STEM skills means we're missing an opportunity for education. Should STEM really be STEM-L?

North Carolina State Releases First Greenhouse Gas Inventory

North Carolina State University has released its first greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory--about 14 months after initially signing onto the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment.

Microsoft Proposes Browser Ballot to European Commission

Microsoft issued a proposal last week that attempts to address European Commission (EC) concerns about its bundling of Internet Explorer (IE) with Windows.

Appellate Court Overturns Blackboard Patent; Blackboard To Press On

Blackboard's patent on learning management system technologies has been overturned by the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The court ruled Monday in favor of Desire2Learn and invalidated some claims in patent No. 6,988,138, also known as the "Alcorn patent" or the "138 patent." But the saga will continue.

ED Hands Out Nearly $10 million in Grants for Emergency Management Planning

The United States Department of Education has awarded grants worth $9.7 million to 26 colleges and universities to develop and strengthen their emergency management plans.

UNESCO and Microsoft Announce Higher Ed Task Force

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Microsoft have teamed up to help higher education institutions worldwide meet the growing challenge of supporting economic stimulus efforts and workforce development strategies.

Why Invest in IT Training During a Recession?

Tough economic times are not when you should retreat from IT training for your staff, according to Laurus Technologies CEO John Udelhofen. He gives five reasons why.

Cost Containment at Delta State University

Delta State's president details his university's implementation of an institution-wide cost containment strategy in a challenging economy.

Meta-Analysis: Is Blended Learning Most Effective?

The United States Department of Education reported recently that it's found some evidence to support the notion that blended learning is more effective than either face to face or online learning by themselves. Further, between online and face to face instruction, online is at least as good and may even have the advantage in terms of improving student achievement and potentially expanding the amount of time (and quality time) students spend learning.