Macworld Expo: 3ware Sidecar SATA II RAID Adds Leopard Support

At the Macworld Conference & Expo this week in San Francisco, Applied Micro Circuits Corp. (AMCC) announced that its SATA II hardware RAID solution, the 3ware Sidecar, now offers support for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. The units have also undergone a price reduction, and the company is offering a $100 Macworld show discount.

Macworld Expo: Apple Launches MacBook Air, Time Capsule

At the Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage Tuesday to introduce the company's latest technologies. As rumored, Apple launched a new, super-slim version of the MacBook laptop computer, known as the MacBook Air. Jobs also introduced a new version of the AirPort Extreme Base Station known as Time Capsule, which combines an 802.11n router with a wireless backup storage solution.

Macworld Expo: SATABeast Xi Delivers 42 TB Storage for Xserve

At the Macworld Conference & Expo being held this week in San Francisco, Nexsan is debuting a new high-density storage solution for Apple's Xserve and Mac Pro systems. Dubbed the SATABeast Xi, the 4U rackmount system, which is expected to ship in mid-March, will offer up to 42 TB of storage and features that allow it to improve energy efficiency.

Data Backup 3 Update Brings Support for Leopard

Prosoft Engineering has brought full support for Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard") to its backup and recovery system, Data Backup 3. The software remains unchanged otherwise.

Service-Oriented Disc Duplication at Penn State

Customer service in higher education comes in a multitude of offerings, from grand and glorious, such as student lifecycle initiatives involving complex six-figure CRM software, to small, narrow and--well--round, such as providing disc duplication services where a dime will buy a student all the data that can fit on a blank CD. Pennsylvania State University's Entrepreneurial Services addresses the latter category.

Sun Microsystems Storage Launch Raises Bar for Digital Repositories

With this week's launch of the StorageTek 5800, Sun is making its "Honeycomb" technology generally available to all customers.

ShareLoader Appliance Automates Remote Backups

Crossroads Systems has started shipping a new appliance designed to automate backups of both on site and remote systems--SurePath ShareLoader. The appliance allows for backups of saved files on user machines (Windows-based) and also allows those users to retrieve lost data themselves, with the aim of reducing "IT overhead."

UCSD Research Center Deploys ReadVerify Appliance

The San Diego Supercomputer Center, an NSF-funded research unit out of the University of California, San Diego, is deploying a stand-alone appliance to monitor the integrity of tape-based storage media. Crossroad Systems' SurePath ReadVerify Appliance will be used as part of the center's protection plan for its more than 5 petabytes of irreplaceable scientific data.

Digital Repositories: A Global Work Effort

Stanford University librarian Michael Keller will join other leading digital archiving experts November 14-16 in Paris for the inaugural meeting of the Sun Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group, a group dedicated to working on the unique problems of storage and data management, workflow, and architecture for very large digital repositories. The Sun PASIG brings together a large group of organizations for an ongoing global discussion of their research and sharing of best practices for preservation and archiving. Here, CT asks Keller for his perspectives on the effort and the goals of the Sun PASIG.

Sun PASIG Unites Education and Industry for Digital Archiving

Sun Microsystems has formed a new collaborative group focused on developing and sharing best practices for digital archiving: Sun Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (Sun PASIG). The group brings together representatives from industry, education, government, and library services in an effort to preserve and archive research and cultural materials.