Sun Microsystems Storage Launch Raises Bar for Digital Repositories

With this week's launch of the StorageTek 5800, Sun is making its "Honeycomb" technology generally available to all customers.

ShareLoader Appliance Automates Remote Backups

Crossroads Systems has started shipping a new appliance designed to automate backups of both on site and remote systems--SurePath ShareLoader. The appliance allows for backups of saved files on user machines (Windows-based) and also allows those users to retrieve lost data themselves, with the aim of reducing "IT overhead."

UCSD Research Center Deploys ReadVerify Appliance

The San Diego Supercomputer Center, an NSF-funded research unit out of the University of California, San Diego, is deploying a stand-alone appliance to monitor the integrity of tape-based storage media. Crossroad Systems' SurePath ReadVerify Appliance will be used as part of the center's protection plan for its more than 5 petabytes of irreplaceable scientific data.

Digital Repositories: A Global Work Effort

Stanford University librarian Michael Keller will join other leading digital archiving experts November 14-16 in Paris for the inaugural meeting of the Sun Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group, a group dedicated to working on the unique problems of storage and data management, workflow, and architecture for very large digital repositories. The Sun PASIG brings together a large group of organizations for an ongoing global discussion of their research and sharing of best practices for preservation and archiving. Here, CT asks Keller for his perspectives on the effort and the goals of the Sun PASIG.

Sun PASIG Unites Education and Industry for Digital Archiving

Sun Microsystems has formed a new collaborative group focused on developing and sharing best practices for digital archiving: Sun Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (Sun PASIG). The group brings together representatives from industry, education, government, and library services in an effort to preserve and archive research and cultural materials.

A Foundation for Digital Repositories

The new DSpace Foundation is fostering open access to scholarly works with the open source DSpace platform for storing, managing, and distributing digital collections. Here, Campus Technology interviews Michele Kimpton, executive director of the nascent nonprofit created this past July by MIT and HP as a successor to their joint DSpace project begun in 2002.

Loyola Discards Hard Drive with 5,800 Student SSNs

A Loyola University Chicago computer containing the Social Security numbers of 5,800 students was discarded before its hard drive was erased, according to a letter from the school's chief information officer, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Higher Ed Wrestles with Risks of Removable Storage

Like IT managers across corporate America, campus IT managers are trying to solve the problem of securing removable storage devices in an open environment like a university.

USC Prof: Internet Will Soon be Overwhelmed by Video

A University of California, San Diego professor has warned that a massive expansion of Internet capacity is required in the United States to keep the economy from slowing down and possibly stalling.

How Dartmouth Produces Video Podcasts

With an $8,000 investment, Dartmouth's Department of Physics and Astronomy has set up the capability to provide video podcasts for courses that enable students to watch lectures they may have missed or that warrant review.