U Illinois Grant To Tame Unstructured Data for Research

The Andrew Mellon Foundation last week awarded $1.2 million grant to the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to help find ways to solve the so-called "80 percent problem."

OSU Adopts Hybrid Backup Approach

A new backup and restore system at Oregon State University Foundation has reduced weekly backup time for the system administrator from days, to just 90 minutes. "I'd hate to think how my Mondays would be without it," said Systems and Database Administrator Lyle Utt.

Nominations for 2007 Campus Technology Innovators Due May 15

Campus Technology is seeking nominations through May 15 for its 2007 Innovators Awards for exemplary use of technology by colleges and universities and their vendor partners.

What's in the Box? Sun Offers Blackbox Tours

Project Blackbox, Sun Microsystems' prototype of a self-contained, virtualized datacenter is making the rounds via flatbed truck.

Are You Drowning in Data?

Is there a crisis in data storage? Tech analyst John Gantz estimates that in 2007 the world will for the first time generate more "data" than it has storage space for.

Storing Lots of Classroom Content at Fitchburg State

Most of today’s splashiest new classroom technologies have at least one thing in common – they tend to require lots of storage space on the campus network.