5 States Deploy NTC Transcript Exchange

The National Transcript Center (NTC) reported late last week that five states have adopted its preK-20 electronic transcript exchange system over the last year. These include Colorado, Connecticut, Texas, West Virginia, and Wyoming. NTC handled the development and deployment of the records systems.

NTC provides a Web-based system for transferring records and transcripts securely. Transfers of these documents within a given state are provided with no cost to the institution, though there is a fee for out of state transfers. NTC's systems include support for sending, managing, tracking, and importing student records in an institution's preferred data format (PESC High School Transcript XML, PESC College Transcript XML, SPEEDE EDI, SIF Student Record Exchange, and others). Records can be transferred from a school district to another school district; from a school to a college or university; from a college to another college; from a college to a school; and from a school or college to a non-academic institution.

According to NTC, the system isn't just one of convenience, but of cost savings. "The Texas Education Agency, which chose NTC to implement the Texas Records Exchange System, determined that its school districts were spending more than $8.3 million each year to manually process district to district and district to college records requests, or $7.71 ... per paper transcript. Through NTC's system, the state will save $7.7 million annually while providing a quicker and more secure method for student record and transcript data exchange."

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