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Notebook on the Go

Looking for a Centrino-based notebook? Premio’s Kaypro C1000E has a 15-inch LCD screen and keeps users productive with an extended battery life of up to five hours, not to mention a backup lithium-ion battery. The C1000E supports up to 1GB of memory and offers the choice of a DVD/CDRW combo drive or a DVD burner. Integrated features include local area network (LAN), video, audio, modem, FireWire, 70-watt power adapter, three USB 2.0 ports, and a multimedia card reader. C1000E also includes an Audio DJ feature, allowing users to listen to music without powering up the notebook. All for $1,219.

Get Serious

Serious Magic’s Visual Communicator creates newscast-style video presentations that can be delivered via e-mail, CD/DVD, PowerPoint, or the Web. Using a Web cam or camcorder, users can create campus newscasts, professional development courses, and distance learning presentations. The provided backdrop allows digital replacement of the background with an image or video, placing presenters before eye-catching animation, exotic locales, or campus logos. Visual Communicator provides hundreds of customizable graphics, special effects, screen titles, and music—all designed to give presentations a truly professional look. The included microphone and teleprompter lets speakers present confidently without missing key points or having to memorize lines. Price: $399.95.

Macromedia Captivates

Essential to eLearning and supporting SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2, and AICC, Macromedia’s Captivate allows users to record on-screen activity, and create software simulations and product demonstrations that include audio, interactions, animations, and more. Training and lectures can be delivered online or on a CD for computer-based training. The latest release fully integrates Captivate with Macromedia Breeze and Macromedia’s Flash MX 2004. Interested? Get a 15-day free trial now, at Full price is $499; $299 for the upgrade package. Educational pricing is also available.

It Keeps Going and Going…

Whether you’re in class or at the office, the N-Charge Power System provides a long-lasting, 10-hour external battery which can be used for mobile devices such as PC notebooks, PDAs, mobile phones, DVD players, and digital cameras. Power System uses a saphion-lithium technology that stands up to excessive heat, overcharging, and other types of abuse. The two generations of the product offer either a lightweight, compact, 120-watt system or a slim, 65-watt alternative. Price: $199 for the base, $169 for the expansion pack.

Anytime, Anywhere

For those constantly on the go, Mirapoint’s PDA SynQ allows synchronization to mobile devices and handhelds such as Palm, and others. PDA SynQ is designed to support educational institutions that deliver e-mail to a broad base of users who demand service anytime, anywhere. It integrates e-mail routing, storage, access, and management with Mirapoint’s multilayered Full-Spectrum e-mail security technology. Best of all, Full-Spectrum protects against hackers, spam, and virus threats. SynQ is priced at $10 to $15 per user, based on a group calendar license (discounts based on volume purchase).

Head of the Class

Sick of having to stand at the front of the classroom, in one place, while lecturing? Now, mobile can be your middle name. Hitachi’s latest presentation technology, StarBoard BT-1 BlueTooth Tablet, enables the user to run, annotate, highlight, and manage third-party applications using a simple pen-type device, from any location in the room. The StarBoard BT-1 connects to a PC running the presentation via a wireless USB plug-in receiver, making it easier to lecture from one end of the room to the other. Weighing in at only one pound, this Tablet has range capabilities of over 30 feet, and will have you walkin’ and talkin’ in no time, for only $295.

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