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CT Solutions

Fujinon's D32x10R4D-V41Day/Night Surveillance Lens

Optical equipment manufacturer Fujinon has introduced the D32x10R4D-V41, a compact surveillance zoom lens designed for day and night operations on CCTV systems. Features such as megapixel-compatible high resolution, long telephoto zoom capability, preset functionality, and remote iris control support 24-hour security and surveillance. The D32x10R4D-V41's specialized optics use an extremely low longitudinal chromatic aberration lens, which minimizes color fringing and provides crisp color images in daylight (as well as black and white images in low light and darkness) without the need to refocus. When light intensity needs to be adjusted, operators can remotely fine-tune the lens iris to allow in more or less light. Contact manufacturer for pricing.

Desire2Learn's Desire2Learn ePortfolio,New ePortfolio Solution

eLearning vendor Desire2Learn has announced Desire2Learn ePortfolio, a personal repository for organizing, presenting, and reflecting on digital artifacts. Integrated Web 2.0 tools enable users to interact with their peers and mentors, form communities, and connect via peer-to-peer networks within and outside the classroom. The system also offers instructors tools that support both group collaboration and individual work, as well as increased capabilities to monitor, provide feedback, and assess student progress on a granular level. Desire2Learn ePortfolio can be used as a standalone product or fully integrated with the Desire2Learn eLearning Enterprise Suite. Priced on a per-user basis with flexible options for institution-wide licenses.

Jenzabar's Jenzabar EX 2.7ERP Upgrade

Enterprise software and services provider Jenzabar has released Jenzabar EX 2.7, the latest upgrade to its flagship enterprise resource planning product. The new release features schedulers to expedite financial aid processing and automate processes such as disbursements and adjustments to student accounts. And improvements in the Student Life module will allow users to manage and track student information more closely, with increased functionality in areas such as residence life, vehicle violation, and other violation management. Contact vendor for pricing.

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