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Building a Secure Research Data Environment

Building the right infrastructure to access and protect restricted research data is not just a science but an art form.

Date: 10/12/16

Time: 11:00 AM PT

The Continued Importance of Open Source Moodle in the LMS Market

Open-source Moodle, already the most widely used LMS in the world, is continuing to gain traction. Join us to explore how Moodle has impacted the LMS market and continues to be a pioneer in emerging LMS technologies.

Date: 10/27/16

Time: 11:00 AM PT

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Raise Your Security Profile

Campuses are particularly vulnerable to security threats given their open network architectures and the sheer number of users they serve. While dealing with a steady stream of attacks can be resource intensive, searching for and hunting down data from different systems can be time consuming.

Hyperconvergence: Reducing Costs and Complexity in the Datacenter

We know stakeholders, students, and citizens are all demanding more, putting even greater strain on an organization’s infrastructure and expertise. There’s no “one size fits all” solution to optimize data center efficiency. Can hyperconvergence help?

Indiana University Mobilizes Teaching, Learning & the Student Experience

Students, faculty and staff are witnessing the evolution of the digital campus where technology is in the forefront of transforming the face of teaching and learning in such a way that classrooms, libraries and campuses will no longer look anything like the way that many students currently learn today.

Empowering Students Creative and Innovative Minds with 3D Printing for Art and Design

The G3D Super Lab is greatly expanding opportunities to an ever so diverse, creative and tech savvy generation. The new 3D printing and additive manufacturing facilities are empowering our students' creative and innovative minds with new designs for the future. This webinar will highlight the direction that East Stroudsburg University's Art + Design Department is taking their 3D printing program. Topics will range from product design presented by Jocelyn Kolb to the 3D world beyond presented by Darlene Farris-LaBar.

802.11ac: The Next Generation Wi-Fi for An All-Wireless Campus
Cedarville University Migrates to Satisfy BYOD and Student Expectations

For many students, faculty, and teachers who need to work, study, make calls, collaborate, or simply access the Internet from their tablets, smartphones or laptops, there is just not enough Wi-Fi. Attend this webcast and receive an inside look at Cedarville University's migration from a traditional wireless network designed to provide basic coverage to an 802.11ac network thoughtfully considered to support an entirely mobile student and faculty and their ever increasing demands for more bandwidth.

Backpack Journalism - Preparing Your Students to Tell Their Stories - Solo

Is your school keeping up with technology trends? Will your broadcast/journalism and communication students graduate with the technical and creative skills they need to succeed in this fast evolving market? More and more recent graduates are getting jobs as backpack journalists. It’s a sign of the new reality in television newsrooms. Join us to for an educational webcast to examine this new reality in journalism.