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Why Your Campus Needs a Mobile Users Group

At decentralized universities, it can be difficult to share knowledge about teaching with mobile devices. A users group can help bridge the divide.

The 'Dos and Don'ts' of Synchronous Online Learning

Heed these top tips for setting up a new, or tweaking an existing, online synchronous learning initiative.

The Right Blend for Learning

For hybrid courses, finding the right blend of online and face-to-face instruction can be achieved only through experimentation--and will differ from class to class.

Enhancing Coursework With Social Tools

Social media offer a way for students to collaborate in a familiar environment, whether in a public forum, private network, or somewhere in between.

4 Keys to a Better Hybrid

Blended learning can improve student performance and help schools meet strategic goals, but success depends on laying a solid foundation first.

Digital Badges for Today's Students

As changing student demographics make it harder for today's learners to earn a four-year degree, educators are experimenting with smaller credentialing steps, such as digital badges.

Managing Major Change

With so many disruptive forces at work in higher education, colleges and universities are faced with the imperative to change not just technologies and processes, but behaviors and mindsets. In part one of a two-part series, change-management experts share six ways to smooth large-scale transformations on campus.

Massive: What Good is the M in MOOC?

In the wake of the refusal of tiny liberal arts school Amherst College to join edX last week, it's time to ask who benefits from the massive nature of MOOCs. spoke with experts on both sides of the issue to find out.

Building a Do-It-Yourself LMS

BYU recently transitioned from a traditional learning management system to a homegrown solution.

Flipping Student Services

Southeast Missouri State University aims to provide the same level of student services to online students as it does for its on-campus community.