Grants, Funding & Awards

Architecting Student Success: Integrated Software for the Community College

Known primarily for its success as a recommendation engine, Sherpa is actually South Orange County Community College District's "sandbox" of integrated software systems that provides many new tools for student success.

Southwest Tennessee Community College To Open New Tech Center

Southwest Tennessee Community College has opened a new technology center on campus. The new facility will be used for information technology classes and serve as a testing location for the Information Technology Services Department.

Epson To Launch Document Camera Contest

K-12 and post-secondary educators in the United States are invited to enter a contest to win a document camera for their classroom.

Tennessee Tech, Chapman University Embark on Energy Output Challenge

Tennessee Tech University and Chapman University have begun a contest to see which school can produce the most electricity for the power grid by using gym equipment installed at their schools.

Courseware Firm Grants Funds for Study of Online Learning Platform

Adapt Courseware has issued a request for proposals for its scalable adaptive learning research grants, with research to be targeted on the effectiveness of the company's adaptive learning platform in Introduction to Psychology and Introduction to Sociology courses with 300 to 1,000 credit-seeking students per section.

Portland State University Receives Testing, Measuring, and Monitoring Equipment Donation

Portland State University has received a donation of test, measurement, and monitoring instrumentation and equipment worth more than $22,000 to its Fariborz Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Carnegie Mellon U, Rwanda Granted Funds for Healthcare Information Technology Research

Carnegie Mellon University, Rwanda has been awarded a grant to advance research on information and communication technology for healthcare in developing countries.

Western Governors U Receives $1 Million Grant for Competency-Based Learning

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded a $1.19 million grant to Western Governors University to launch competency-based associate's degree programs in information technology.

Grant Program Encourages Research on Online Courses

A company that specializes in helping institutions convert their traditional courses to online ones has launched a grant program that will help fund research on the impact and effectiveness of online learning.

Stanford Computer Science Course Taps Corporate Sponsor

A Swedish company has signed on at Stanford University in a unique mentoring arrangement in which the commercial entity pays an "affiliate fee" of $75,000 to propose a project theme to be undertaken in the course.