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5 Ways To Build a Better Wireless Network

College IT professionals offer hard-won advice on how to create a campus WiFi network for the 21st century.

WiFi Overhaul

What do you get when you cross students' expectations for ubiquitous, high-performance wireless network access with stone and iron buildings constructed in the early-1900s? You wind up with a "harsh" WiFi environment where thick walls and ancient construction methods thwart attempts to create an all-access environment.

Neighborhood Wireless Grid Project Gains Support

Rochester Institute of Technology has joined a group of other institutions working to create and commercialize wireless grid network technologies.

Arista Intros Energy-Efficient 10/40 GbE Switch for Clusters, Virtualization

Arista Networks has rolled out its new 10/40 gigabit Ethernet data center switch, the Arista 7050 series. Delivering 1.28 terabits of switching performance at less than 2 watts per 10 GbE interface, the 7050 series is, according to the company, the most power-efficient 10/40 GbE switch on the market. It is optimized for Hadoop Clusters, VMware virtual machine farms, and other broad-ranging enterprise deployments.

T.L. James Residence Hall, Centenary College of Louisiana

8 Tips for Wireless in the Residence Halls

With a small IT staff of five, Centenary College of Louisiana nevertheless managed to set up a wireless network in its residence halls from scratch, a network that allows for multiple devices for each student and provides 24-hour support, among other end user benefits. Scott Merritt, director of information technology for Centenary, shared his eight keys for such a successful wireless implementation.

Northern Arizona U Reduces NAC Overhead

Northern Arizona University has shifted its network access control (NAC) software in an effort to tackle network security issues more rapidly and to cut maintenance time and costs.

Aruba Amplifies Mobile Network Strategy

In a push to address the "bring your own iPad" movement, Aruba Networks has introduced a new networking architecture that the company said better reflects the changing nature of computing in the campus setting. Named Mobile Virtual Enterprise, or MOVE, this new model addresses the dramatic increase in the use of personal mobile devices and a shift to predominantly multimedia-rich applications.

Connecting Smart Classrooms

A recent trend in AV has been migrating smart classroom technologies onto the network--from document cameras and projectors to student laptops to classroom audio systems. One of the most commonly cited benefits has been simplifying device management for the IT staff. But, as Harrisburg University AV specialist Keith Thomas explains, there are major educational benefits as well.

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Arrive Feb. 16

Microsoft Wednesday released Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 to its equipment manufacturing partners.

Leviton Launches Opt-X Unity 40/100G MTP Fiber System

Leviton Network Solutions this week released its new Opt-X Unity 40/100G preterminated MTP fiber system, the first 24-fiber MTP cabling system on the market.