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Cymphonix Releases Mobile Device Security Module

Cymphonix has released a new application specifically to help users manage the security of mobile devices accessing the network as well.

Software-Configurable APs Support up to 380 Clients Simultaneously

Meru Networks said it will be shipping a new line of gigabit access points (APs) later in the second half of 2011 that can be configured through the software for different operating modes and that will support up to 380 simultaneous mobile clients.

Infoblox Enhances DDI Solution for IPv6 Transition

Infoblox has rolled out an enhanced version of its DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (IPAM) solution, which automates and manages the transition from IPv4 to IPv6.

MIT Lays Out Crestron AV Backbone in E62

MIT's most energy efficient building, E62, isn't skimping on technological capacity. This new home for the Sloan School of Management has implemented a media infrastructure to support multiple forms of smart classroom operations.

Creating a Smart Classroom from Scratch

When Mark Jones learned that South College's burgeoning medical programs were going to be moving into a new home, he saw the expansion as a chance to introduce a host of new classroom technologies on campus.

Internet2 and Level 3 Team To Deliver 8.8 Terabit to Schools

Advanced networking consortium Internet2 will be working with Level 3 Communications, which develops fiber-based communications services, to deliver 8.8 terabit capacity to support institutions nationwide, including community colleges.

Impulse Point Adds Cloudpath Module for Bringing Devices into Network

A new partnership will help universities simplify the management of devices in use by people who want to get onto the campus network wirelessly with more than guest access.

5 Ways To Build a Better Wireless Network

College IT professionals offer hard-won advice on how to create a campus WiFi network for the 21st century.

WiFi Overhaul

What do you get when you cross students' expectations for ubiquitous, high-performance wireless network access with stone and iron buildings constructed in the early-1900s? You wind up with a "harsh" WiFi environment where thick walls and ancient construction methods thwart attempts to create an all-access environment.

Neighborhood Wireless Grid Project Gains Support

Rochester Institute of Technology has joined a group of other institutions working to create and commercialize wireless grid network technologies.