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U Maryland Joins International Eduroam Consortium

The University of Maryland, a public research school in College Park, has signed up for a service that allows members of the campus community to use wireless networking at other participating campuses by logging on with their home institution credentials.

Apogee Implements New Billing and OSS Software for Resnet

Apogee, the Austin, Texas-based provider of on-campus residential networks for higher education institutions, has implemented new billing and operations support system (OSS) software.

Wireless to the nth Degree

Wireless access points that utilize the 802.11n standard offer superfast speeds and can simultaneously support a multitude of bandwidth-hogging devices.

Firewalls and Filtering Tools

Social media and mobile devices are forcing major changes in how institutions protect their networks and their users. And the battle is only getting started.

Residential Networks: Squeezing Cats Through the Pipe

As students' digital entertainment takes up more and more bandwidth on campus, colleges and universities look for cost-effective, scalable solutions.

Nation's Universities Rally To Open High-Speed Networks in Their Towns

A marching bandful of research universities has signed on to launch a new high speed network project expected to improve computing not only on their campuses but also in the communities that surround them. The hope is that these "world leading" networks will help grow the local economies and stimulate new innovations in areas such as healthcare, job training, and education.

Chicago Art Institute Moves to Gigabit Wireless Network

To accommodate growing demand for bandwidth, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago has upgraded its campus network that uses gigabit wireless technology.

Redesigned Barracuda NG Earth Offers Improved Navigation and Reduced Resource Requirements

Barracuda Networks has launched a completely redesigned new version of its real-time 3D visualization application for Barracuda NG Firewalls, Barracuda NG Earth 2.0.

U Utah Adds HP-Based HPC Servers and Storage

The University of Utah has gone public with implementation of a new Linux cluster in its Center for High Performance Computing that was made available to the campus research community earlier this year.