Professional Development

J School Contests Build Products for Future Media Audience

The University of Missouri Journalism School, the Reynolds Journalism Institute, and their industry partners including Adobe, Apple, and AT&T are supporting student development work in order to find new ways to reach a changing audience that shuns traditional media. A series of contests will help analyze ideas fostered by the student work and make student products available for real-world applications.

New Online Course Helps Campus Personnel Recognize Student Red-Flag Behaviors

The National Center for Higher Education Risk Management (NCHERM) and Magna Publications have produced an online course to help higher education faculty and staff know how to recognize problematic behaviors, when to confront them, and how to report them.

Slicing Academia Across the Grain: Building Virtual Organizations

Academics are now finding it possible to form virtual education organizations that would not have been possible a few years ago.

Breach to Nowhere

Will that data breach be the end of your career? Managing information security in higher ed requires more than just technical expertise, especially when the heat is cranked up.

Free Forum Helps Grad Students Reach Out to Each Other

ProQuest has launched a free online community specifically for graduate students. GradShare provides a forum where graduate students can share challenges and advice and find solutions offered by their library or graduate school. Topics are expected to include dissertation subject selection, grants and financial aid, and work-life balance.