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Report: Android To Top 1 Billion Shipments in 2014

Shipments of devices with the Android operating system will surpass 1 billion units in 2014, according to a new forecast from market research firm Gartner.

Caltech Adopts Open Access Policy for Scholarly Writing

With the beginning of the new year, California Institute of Technology has implemented a new open-access policy for the scholarly writing done by its faculty.

Traditional Limits on Invisibility Cloak Disappear in U Texas Research

The creation of a real-life invisibility cloak just took another stride forward. Engineers at the University of Texas at Austin have come up with a design for a cloaking device that makes it "invisible" or undetectable to parts of the electromagnetic spectrum over a greater number of frequencies.

UCLA Researchers Develop New Compression Method for Big Data

A team of researchers from the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science have developed a new data compression method that could help with the capture and analysis of massive amounts of data in real time.

Report: Online Completion Rates Only Trail On-Campus Rates Slightly

Completion rates for on-campus courses are only slightly higher than those for online courses, according to a new report from the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies.

CMU Research Helps Users Create and Recall 100 Passwords

A small team at Carnegie Mellon is taking a new look at the on-going challenge of enabling people to memorize multiple passwords without recording them in a file or on paper.

MIT's WiTrack Tracks 3D Motion for Gaming through Walls

A technology in development at MIT allows for precise 3D tracking of people via radio signals, even through walls, enabling devices located elsewhere to be controlled simply with the movement of their bodies.

Research: Upping Test Scores Doesn't Equate to Improving Abstract Reasoning

Research by a team of neuroscientists at MIT and other institutions has found that even when schools take instructional steps that help raise student scores on high-stakes tests, that influence doesn't translate to improvements in learners' abilities to perform abstract reasoning.

Millennials View Education as Least Satisfying Segment for Empowerment, Workplace Collaboration

For young people seeking innovation in the organizations where they work, education as a sector may not be the most conducive environment. "Millennials," who make up a quarter of the current workforce, consider educational institutions the least innovative, at least when compared to retail, technology, healthcare and advertising, marketing and PR.

Report: PCs Sag as Tablets Surge

Global PC shipments continue to drop in 2013 while tablet sales soar, according to two new forecasts from market research firm International Data Corporation.