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The Argument for Open

Is open source business intelligence software ready for prime time? Our feature contributor offers BI watchers the open source ammunition they've been waiting for.

Texas A&M Video Campaign Shows New Face of Marketing

In a move that will certainly be echoed by other institutions if it hasn't been already, Texas A&M University just launched a new microsite specifically to let students post YouTube-style videos showing what life as an Aggie is all about. The site, along with a new Facebook profile, is part of a university marketing campaign called "Do You Wonder?"

Virginia Commonwealth U To Foster Relationships with CRM

Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond has chosen the core Intelliworks platform as well as a newly released module, Intelliworks Program Management, to improve course enrollment, communications, and invoice and payment processing for programs at the School of Business.

American Sentinel U Adopts Web-based Retention Program

To combat distance students dropping out before completion of their classes, American Sentinel University has implemented EducationDynamics' Adult, Online and Continuing Education Retention Program. This Web-based communications tool is designed to keep students connected to their instructors, peers, and institutional support services.

Tips for Selecting a Campus CRM tool

As competition for students increases, colleges and universities are looking more and more to customer (or constituent) relationship management software for help in remaining competitive.

National University System To Deploy Talisma CRM

The National University System is replacing the current constituent relationship management (CRM) module of its ERP system with Talisma CRM. The change is intended to provide National with greater flexibility and extensibility, allowing the system to be custom configured to fit the organization's unique needs.

It's Bandwagon Time

Colleges and universities worldwide are turning to the hosted SaaS model and saying goodbye to issues like patch management and server optimization.

Second Life Mashup Helps Boost Distance Ed Retention at Huntington JC

Huntington Junior College (HJC) in West Virginia has gone public with its year-long early-adopter use of Campus Management's CampusLearning, a suite of services that provides for real-time, two-way integration between proprietary portals and student information systems and the Moodle open source course management systems.

Seton Hall Monitors Recruitment Dollars with Coremetrics

Seton Hall University is using Coremetrics to better track its investment in recruitment efforts. The Web-based service, which is primarily used by retailers, captures behavioral data to provide the university with insights on how to allocate marketing dollars across campaigns and channels.

5 Best Practices

5 best practices for building your portal in a Web 2.0 world. (Here’s your chance to get it right for 2009 and beyond!)