U New Hampshire Consolidates Backup and Recovery Environments

The University of New Hampshire will deploy a new backup solution integrating a Sepaton virtual tape library (VTL) and DeltaStor software for data deduplication. The migration is part of a consolidation effort combining two separate backup and recovery environments into one disk-based storage infrastructure.

U Liverpool Deploys iSCSI in Virtualized SAN

The University of Liverpool Department of Computer Science is moving away from direct-attached RAIDs to a virtualized SAN environment using StorMagic's SM Series iSCSI Storage Area Network.

Cambridge Installs Panasus Parallel Storage System for Research Support

The University of Cambridge's High Performance Computing Service (HPCS) has deployed a Panasas parallel storage system to support work being done by university researchers. Cambridge has deployed the Panasas ActiveStore AS5000 solution with the PanFS parallel file system.

Randolph College Virtualizes on SAN

Randolph College, formerly Randolph-Macon Women's College, has upgraded its storage to an IP-based storage area network (SAN) from StoneFly. The Lynchburg, VA-based school implemented the StoneFly Hybrid Storage Concentrator (HSC), an iSCSI SAN with 8 TB of capacity, after evaluating solutions from several vendors.

Tallahassee CC Overhauls Infrastructure with IBM

Tallahassee Community College in Florida has revamped its administrative infrastructure, switching over to IBM software, servers, and storage systems, according to information provided to us by IBM. Mainline Information Systems, an IBM partner, worked with IBM and the college on the implementation.

U Miami: Stolen Back-up Data 'Unlikely' To Be Misused

The University of Miami reported Thursday that computer back-up tapes containing personal information from some 2.1 million patients were stolen from a third-party storage facility in March. The university said it's confident that the information on those tapes is inaccessible to the thieves but is notifying patients anyway.

FirmTek Intros eSATA Combo Hub

At the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas this week, FirmTek debuted a new combo hub designed to bring eSATA connectivity to laptops. The SeriTek/SpyderHUB includes USB and FireWire host connection options, along with hardware RAID and boot capabilities for Mac OS X systems.

HP Makes Push into Data Encryption

HP has introduced several products to address data protection and compliance in storage environments, including add-ons that do automated data encryption on tape drives and libraries. Among the offerings: a secure fabric switch; an encryption kit for tape autoloaders and libraries; integration of compliance and management appliances; and, a free online security assessment tool.

Crossroads Debuts Backup Encryption Module

Information security provider Crossroads Systems this week released a new encryption module for its Crossroads Virtual TapeServer. The module, SecureVTS, is an integrated solution that provides security for backed-up data for compliance and business continuity.

Research Has Chilling Effect on Hard Drive Encryption

Since you've encrypted the data on your laptop, it's safe even if your laptop is stolen, right? Wrong. Researchers at Princeton have demonstrated ways to hack your encrypted data using your own DRAMs against you.