Semantic Search: Could the Web Think?

Semantics is a sub-field of linguistics that focuses on meaning making in language. Therefore, the Semantic Web we're still reaching for will be based on a set of definitions, languages, and standards that can base a search on the detection of meaning and not just on a simple character string. The Semantic Web will at least be smarter than the current Web.

Web Conferencing Cuts Costs for California Community College System

With 2.5 million students and 75,000 faculty, the California Community College system has considerable shopping clout with vendors. Using those numbers to its advantage, the CCC has created an immense and cost-effective state-wide Web conferencing system for its 109 member colleges.

Preserving History in Multimedia: An Interview with Stanford's Michael Keller

Michael Keller is well known as the innovative university librarian and director of academic information resources at Stanford University, as well as publisher of the Stanford University Press and HighWire Press. In this interview, he discusses a worldwide effort to digitally preserve vast amounts of material from history, both aging paper documents and very recent digital content.

Ballmer Wants Board Change at Yahoo

Microsoft's executives have been talking with investor and corporate raider Carl Icahn about renewed plans for Microsoft to acquire part or all of Yahoo, provided that Yahoo's board is replaced. The details were described in an open letter issued Monday by Icahn, which is addressed to Yahoo's shareholders.

Utah Rolls Out Online Document Proofreading

The University of Utah has acquired a site license of CyProof's ErrNET for online document proofreading. ErrNET runs on CyProof's servers and is accessed through the user's Web browser. To check a document, users upload their files to the Web site, the cost is calculated, payment is requested, the document is processed, and the results are presented for download. The service works with PDF files.

Sun, Stanford Working To Archive History

In May in San Francisco, experts from leading universities, libraries, and research institutions around the world met as part of an ongoing effort to address a pressing issue: archiving the world's history, right up to today.

Facebook and Collegiality: A Serendipitous Social Niche

Facebook is a way to greet a colleague as if she or he is on your own campus: a wave at a distance, a hello at the corner burrito place, a honk as you both leave the campus parking lot. Informal collegiality has been extended over the miles.

Project Wonderland: Good Avatars Make Good Neighbors

Sun Microsystems's Project Darkstar and the Wonderland Toolkit for building 3D spaces show why virtual reality is better for education than video conferencing. And Project Wonderland has announced its first education space.

U Phoenix Owner Apollo Group Announces Sudden Resignation of President

Apollo Group, which owns the University of Phoenix, announced the resignation of its president, Brian Mueller, effective immediately. Mueller headed up the Apollo Group since early 2006 and previously served as CEO of the school's online campus.

SharePoint Takes Center Stage at Catalyst Event

The Burton Group put the spotlight on Microsoft's SharePoint Server 2007 product on Thursday at its Catalyst Conference 2008 event. The analyst and consulting group allocated no less than five panels at the San Diego-based event to discuss SharePoint for the enterprise. The panels focused on the solution's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the importance of partner support in implementing SharePoint.