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Web 2.0 Mobile Technology in Higher Education . No industry sector is moving and changing as fast as mobile tech. If you’re in campus IT, the best way to stay in the loop is with Campus Mobile Computing. Not only will you get all the news and latest product info, but our in-depth features will help your IT shop stay one step ahead of the game. Published monthly in HTML and text formats.

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Turning Mobile Devices into Clickers (03/10/15)

7 Best Practices for Creating a Completely Mobile Campus (02/10/15)

Virtual Personal Assistant App Helps Students Manage College Life (01/13/15)

Using iPads To Lower the Cost of a Degree (12/18/14)

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Why Wearables Are the New Gateways to Human Knowledge (10/16/14)

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How Notre Dame Creates Mobile Apps With No Coding Required (08/21/14)

Keeping Students on Track With a Mobile "Nudge" (07/17/14)

Bryant U's Student-Sourced, Crowdsourced Mobile Apps (06/19/14)

Building a Mobile App In-House With Centralized Content (05/15/14)

Research: Wearable Device Sales Set To Triple in 2014 (04/17/14)

A Mobile Initiative That's More Than Just an iPad Handout (03/20/14)

Laptops More Distracting than Tablets in the Classroom, Says Professor (02/20/14)

How Lehman College Provides Anytime, Anywhere Access to Video (01/16/14)

How Georgia Tech Serves Up High-Performance WiFi to 40,000-Plus Devices (12/12/13)

How to Earn a Graduate Degree on a Smartphone (11/14/13)

Customizable Campus Apps at the Speed of Now (10/10/13)

Go Mobile or Kiss Future Students Goodbye (09/12/13)

iPads Lose Significant Ground to Android Tablets (08/08/13)

How to Build a Successful iPad Program (07/11/13)

Is Your Mobile App More of an Anchor? (06/13/13)

IT Does Not Love iPads (05/09/13)

Will BYOD Security Kill the Culture of Openness? (04/11/13)

Campus Apps Get Up Close and Personalized (03/14/13)

Making the iPad the Center of the Student Experience (02/14/13)

Tablet Use Surges Among Campus Professionals (01/10/13)

Mobile Apps That Make IT's Life Easier (12/13/12)

Curbing the Mobile "Wild West" Through Governance (11/08/12)

Do QR Codes Threaten Campus Security? (10/11/12)