Georgia Tech To Implement CalDAV in Sakai

Georgia Tech announced recently that it's contracted with open source service provider Unicon to integrate CalDAV within its Sakai implementation. CalDAV is a calendaring protocol that allows for event and meeting sharing across various platforms via WebDAV.

"The addition of CalDAV support introduces one more way in which Sakai can be a team player amidst other enterprise applications," said Clay Fenlason, director of educational technology for Georgia Tech, in a statement released last week. "Doing this work in the open brings real benefit to the Sakai Community while at the same time positioning the result for further enhancement from that community. It's a great example of how the 'gift economy' of Community Source continues to drive us forward."

The Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment is an open-source course management system targeted toward schools, colleges, and universities. Unicon provides support services and consulting services for open source implementations.

The implementation will allow Georgia Tech to manage and modify events using applications that support CalDAV, including Zimbra and Bedework.

"It's thrilling to see support for another open standard in Sakai. Even more impressive, though, is the leadership that Georgia Tech and Unicon are showing in ensuring this project is built to benefit the entire Sakai community," said Michael Korcuska, executive director for the Sakai Foundation. "In the long run, I'm sure Georgia Tech will benefit from this approach as more community members make contributions to advancing CalDAV support in Sakai."

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