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Syllabus News Update for Friday, November 7, 2003.

Syllabus News Update:
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Syllabus fall2003: December 8-10
News for Friday, Nov. 7, 2003

* WCET Award G'es to Bob Albrecht
* Penn State, Napster, Agree to Offer Tunes to Students
* Princeton Supercomputing Cluster Aids Researchers
* U. Albany Deepens Investment in Nanotech Research
* STDs Targeting College Students
* Ohio State University Unveil Next 'Digital Picassos’

"Micro Warehouse Education" is now "CDW*G"

"Micro Warehouse Education" is now "CDW*G"
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WCET Award G'es to Bob Albrecht

Robert C. Albrecht received the Richard Jonsen award in
San Diego this week at WCET's annual conference,
recognizing his contribution to the educational
telecommunications community. Albrecht is past
chancellor of Western Governors University and is
currently an ECAR Senior Research Fellow.

Penn State, Napster Agree to Offer Tunes to Students

In a deal viewed as a possible model for schools
combating music piracy on campus, Penn State University
has agreed to pay the reconstituted Napster music
service to provide a catalog of songs to its students
for downloading over the Internet.

Penn State President Graham Spanier told educators at
the EDUCAUSE conference in Anaheim, Calif., yesterday
that the deal will offer students unlimited streaming
and “tethered downloads” from a digital library of more
than 500,000 songs, as well as 40 radio stations, access
to six decades of Billboard chart data, an online
magazine, and community features. Students also can
purchase permanent downloads that can be burned to CDs
or transferred to portable devices for 99 cents each.

“This will be the first step in a new, legal approach
designed to meet student interest in getting extensive
digital access to music,” said Spanier, who is also
co-chair of the Committee on Higher Education and the
Entertainment Industry. “We have already set up student
focus groups at Penn State who have been testing the
Napster service. We will essentially deploy thousands
of testers in the spring semester to use this program
and give us feedback before we roll it out for even wider
student use in the fall of 2004.”

Read more:

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Princeton Supercomputing Cluster Aids Research Programs

Princeton has fired up a 34-node cluster of Dell computers
to support research in the areas of engineering, physics,
and biology. The cluster consists of 34 Dell PowerEdge
2650 servers, each with two 2.4-gigahertz Intel
processors running the Linux operating system. The
cluster has 1 Terabyte of dedicated shared disk storage
provided by a Dell PowerVault 220s.

In addition to research support, the cluster will be
used as a teaching tool to facilitate better graduate
and undergraduate training in computational techniques
and theory; and provide a testing ground for high
performance computing planning prior to investing
resources. Princeton CIO Betty Leydon said the cluster
would offer researchers “high-performance computing
cycles that might not
otherwise be affordable.”

U. Albany Deepens Investment in Nanotech Research

The University at Albany-SUNY’s nanotechnology research
unit has ordered two atomic layer depositions systems to
further its work in small technologies. The systems,
from semiconductor technology firm Genus Inc., will be
located at Albany’s NanoFab 300 complex, an advanced
300 mm wafer R&D facility. Albany has earmarked the
tools for its advanced dielectric research and extreme
ultraviolet (EUV) lithography programs. Albany operates
a fully-integrated research, development, prototyping, and
technology organization focusing on nan'electronics,
system-on-a-chip technologies, biochips, opt'electronics
and photonics devices, closed-loop sensors for monitoring,
detection, and protection, and ultra-high-speed
communication components.

Read more: STDs Targeting College Students

Inflexxion, Inc., a multimedia firm specializing in
healthcare solutions, has launched
STDs (MSB-STDs), a sexually transmitted disease (STD)
prevention education website developed and tested with
support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
The company opened a sibling site,
Alcohol (MSB- Alcohol) last April, to tackle issues
associated with college binge drinking. A companion
website, (MSB-Administrator) helps college health
educators and administrators learn about their students,
better plan programs, and monitor outcomes of program

"Sexually transmitted infections are a pervasive health
issue on college campuses," notes Dr. Sarah Lord,
Director of College Health Programs at Inflexxion.
One in three college students will contract an STD by
the time they are 24. Students are often too embarrassed
to express concerns, which further contributes to the
spread of infection. A confidential resource for sexual
health information, MSB-STDs delivers reliable
information through engaging interactive tools, flash
animation peer stories, and student-friendly informational

Ohio State University Unveil Next 'Digital Picassos’

Ohio State’s art and technology programs teamed up with
Texas Instruments to mount a competition for the best
digital photographer on campus. Tasked with capturing
their vision of "Intelligence," participating OSU
students used 150 Kodak EasyShare DX6340 and CX6330
digital cameras and submitted entries in three
categories: Lighting, Action/Motion and Multimedia.
The cameras were donated by Texas Instruments to further
the development the school’s digital photography and
art and technology programs.

The winners were:

Lighting Category: Heather Willems, 27, first year
graduate student in photography, Columbus, Ohio

Action/Motion Category: Rocky McCorckle, 25, senior
photo major, Westerville, Ohio.

Multimedia Category: Jessica W. Larva, 24, first year
graduate student in art and technology, Dublin, Ohio.

"This has been an incredible opportunity for our students
to creatively utilize cutting-edge digital-capture and
imaging technology, and to learn how that technology
enables digital collaboration," said Ken Rinaldo,
professor with OSU's art and technology program.
Contest Details

Winning images (still and video) were chosen from over
175 entries.

Learn more:

Syllabus fall2003 December 8-10, Cambridge, Mass.

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