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How Dartmouth Produces Video Podcasts

With an $8,000 investment, Dartmouth's Department of Physics and Astronomy has set up the capability to provide video podcasts for courses that enable students to watch lectures they may have missed or that warrant review.

University of Delaware Responds to Classroom Clickers

Any instructor who has had the experience Duncan describes can appreciate the idea of using clickers, or personal response devices, to gauge student participation and understanding.

Document Management to Save Technical College $3.5MM

The largest of Wisconsin's technical schools, Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) will overhaul its document management systems using technology and services from Xerox (Stamford, CT) in a move that could save it roughly $3.5 million over the next five years.

They Can See Clearly Now

Anyone who has taken a lab where 24 students strain to watch--and subsequently, replicate--a chemistry experiment knows just how difficult the task can be....

OSU Adopts Hybrid Backup Approach

A new backup and restore system at Oregon State University Foundation has reduced weekly backup time for the system administrator from days, to just 90 minutes. "I'd hate to think how my Mondays would be without it," said Systems and Database Administrator Lyle Utt.

U Mass Senior Answers Family's Plea for Assistive Tech

An electrical engineering student at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell designed a voice-activated computer cursor in response to a cry for help posted on the Internet from the parents of a 5-year-old Italian girl who's been paralyzed since the age of 2.

A New Dimension in 'Printing'

What's a 3D Printer? If you already know, then you are probably like my editor, who wrote to me: "I freaking love those printers. The first one that comes down below $1k, I'm buying. I don't care that I have no use for one."

Nominations for 2007 Campus Technology Innovators Due May 15

Campus Technology is seeking nominations through May 15 for its 2007 Innovators Awards for exemplary use of technology by colleges and universities and their vendor partners.

U Wisconsin Expands Content Management to 7 Campuses

The University of Wisconsin recently expanded its licensing agreement with Xythos, developer of content management software, to include seven campuses. The decision was made after initial installation on the university's Madison and Milwaukee campuses.

Stanford Student Develops Eyeball-Controlled Mouse

A Stanford doctoral student is testing a system that enables computer users control a mouse pointer via eye-movement, MIT’s Technology Review reported. Although the capability has been available for people with disabilities for several years, the inventor, Manu Kumar, wants to make the eyeball mouse as simple as possible for everyday use.

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